June 1 Deadline Nears for Hurricane Claims, Does Anyone Know?

June 1 Deadline Nears for Hurricane Claims, Does Anyone Know?


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–May 29, 2007–If you are among the thousands of hurricane victims who purchased property insurance from the now bankrupt POE Insurance Company, Atlantic Preferred, Florida Preferred, and Southern Preferred Insurance Company, you have until JUNE 1 to file a claim or be BARRED FOREVER from doing so. While FIGA (Florida Insurance Guarantee Association) serves a useful purpose to protect those insured by companies that become insolvent, it is CRITICAL to understand that the statute governing FIGA specifically provides for a much shorter (more restricted) time period for seeking recovery from FIGA. In other words, you have a shorter time (UNTIL JUNE 1, 2007) to pursue your claims, or be forever barred from receiving ANYTHING. This bit of news has been scarcely reported throughout the mainstream media and will unfortunately affect thousands of policyholders throughout the state.

With headquarters located in Tallahassee, Florida, FIGA is a non profit corporation created by the Legislature in 1970 that establishes and maintains an operation for processing covered claims of insolvent insurance companies (“its members “). FIGA’s membership is composed of ALL FLORIDA LICENSED DIRECT WRITERS of property or casualty insurance. All members are required by the State to contribute to a fund called the Florida Insurance Guarantee Association ( FIGA ) that provides a vehicle for the insured to still pursue and recover on their property damage claims against their insurance company (via FIGA) in the unlikely event their insurance company becomes insolvent.

The nation’s leading expert in Natural Disaster Law, Alan Garfinkel who is currently representing thousands of hurricane victims sees this coming deadline as a real tragedy to those who’s claims were underpaid or delayed during the insolvent process of POE Insurance Company and others. Millions of desperately needed dollars may never be recovered because the public is not aware of the deadline. In summary, if you have a claim that might be subject to FIGA consideration, it is critical to take immediate steps to preserve your rights.

Garfinkel Mager is designated “One of the Most Prestigious Law Firms in the Nation” By Martindale- Hubbell. Founder Alan Garfinkel, is notably the nation’s leading expert in Natural Disaster Law and is listed on the Bar Register of Pre- Eminent lawyers. He has devoted his legal career to natural disaster relief and civil litigation and lectures throughout the country on Insurance Law.

For more information regarding the FIGA deadline, or if you wish to interview Mr. Garfinkel regarding this issue, please contact:

Ross Garcia, Media Relations, 321.948.1485

Garfinkel Mager Attorneys at Law, http://www.hurricanejustice.com

June 1 Deadline Nears for Hurricane Claims, Does Anyone Know?