American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence Receives $6.4 Million in Federal...

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence Receives $6.4 Million in Federal Funding

U.S. Department of Education Grant to Support Minority Teacher Recruitment Initiative


Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–July 13, 2007–The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) today announced that the U.S. Department of Education has awarded the organization a $6.4 million, multi-year grant for the development of a minority teacher recruitment initiative, called Teach & Inspire.

ABCTE was one of 41 recipients of the Transition to Teaching grant, which in total awarded $22.1 million dollars for 2007. The Transition to Teaching program awards money to organizations that recruit, prepare and support highly-qualified mid-career professionals as teachers in high-needs schools.

The initiative for which ABCTE was awarded grant money, Teach and Inspire, is designed to recruit mid-career professionals of color to pursue alternative teacher certification. The program goal is to recruit 1,800 teachers of color in Mississippi and Florida to fill high-need subject areas like math and science.

“We thank Secretary Spellings for her support. ABCTE is committed to recruiting, certifying and supporting excellent teachers of color,” said David Saba, president of ABCTE. “The funding also helps high-need school districts that have already forged partnerships with us to recruit more minority teachers. With a commitment to teacher quality, teacher recruitment and enhancing the diversity of the teacher workforce, Teach & Inspire is uniquely qualified to make a difference.”

About Teach & Inspire

Teach & Inspire is a program that will work as a coalition of education, multicultural and business organizations dedicated to recruiting, certifying and supporting more teachers of color. The coalition will work to recruit knowledgeable, talented individuals of color to earn their teacher certification through the rigorous, high-quality, Passport to Teaching certification program, which is an approved route to state teacher certification in Florida and Mississippi. The initiative will offer scholarships for qualified individuals to cover teacher certification fees.

In order to meet the goal of recruiting 1,800 mid-career professionals of color to the teaching profession, ABCTE will work with school districts to host recruitment events where people can learn more about earning their certification through ABCTE’s Passport to Teaching program. Already, 25% of candidates in the Passport to Teaching program are non-white and one-third are pursuing a high-need subject area.

ABCTE will help to increase the retention rate of Teach & Inspire teachers through effective in-person mentoring and online support networks. The candidates will participate in a rigorous, two-week pre-induction Teaching Experience where the teacher will be able to observe a master teacher and lead lessons. Candidates will also have access to a network and forum where they can communicate with other Teach & Inspire teachers to discuss best practices and seek help from experienced teachers. In addition, ABCTE will be recruiting 380 experienced teachers who will serve as mentors to the Teach & Inspire candidates. These mentors will work with and observe the candidates once they are in the classroom.

About Passport to Teaching

Passport to Teaching is an alternative teacher certification program designed specifically for career-changers. Candidates for Passport to Teaching must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject area and pass a background check. Candidates are paired with experienced teachers who advise them throughout the process. In order to complete the program candidates must prepare for and pass a teaching knowledge exam and a subject area exam.

To date, there are 4,191 career-changers who are currently pursuing certification through ABCTE’s program or have completed and are now teaching in classrooms across the country. Passport to Teaching certification is offered in the following certification areas: English, elementary education, special education, math, general science, biology, chemistry, physics and US History. South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Idaho, New Hampshire and Utah accept the Passport to Teaching program as a route to state teacher certification.

About the American Board

The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence is non-profit organization, dedicated to recruiting, certifying and supporting excellent teachers essential for student success. ABCTE offers the Passport to Teaching program –an innovative alternative route to teacher certification for highly knowledgeable individuals who want to change careers and become teachers.

ABCTE reduces barriers to teaching by providing a way for non-education majors to earn their teacher certification. ABCTE’s certification program and innovative recruitment techniques for career changers can help ensure every child has a highly effective teacher.

ABCTE is currently developing Master Teacher, an advanced credential for teachers who advance student learning. For more information about ABCTE, please visit

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence Receives $6.4 Million in Federal Funding