The Travel Adventure

The Travel Adventure


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Travel can be the door to a world of opportunities – for getting together with family, rediscovering your cultural heritage or simply getting away from your daily routine.

“Travel can be an adventure,” says María Cristina Osorio of Continental Airlines. “If you aren’t used to traveling, becoming familiar with airport and on-board procedures ahead of time will help make the trip more pleasant.” Here she answers some typical questions about travel.

Q: My parents are coming to visit me and this will be the first time they ever board an airplane. What advice should I give them?

A: The following tips can be useful for people who are not used to flying:

• Be sure to arrive at the airport at least one and a half hours before your flight’s departure. If you are traveling outside the U.S., be sure to arrive at the airport two and a half hours before the flight to allow enough time to comply with all international flight requirements.

• Put your name on tags inside and on the outside of your checked bags. Don’t lock your suitcases; security personnel might have to open your luggage during the safety inspection.

• Once on board the aircraft look for the row numbers above the seats. The letters run from right to left, in alphabetical order, as you face the rear of the aircraft. For example, if your seat is 5A, you have the window seat in row number 5, on the right side.

• Pay close attention to the flight attendants when they give safety instructions or are explaining rules about use of electronic devices on board the aircraft. Be sure to look around to see where the closest exits are to you.

• Consult flight information monitors when you arrive at your connecting airport. In some airports, such as Houston and Newark, you’ll find signage in Spanish and bilingual airline personnel who can help you.

Q: “My baby is only 7 months old. Do I have to buy an airline ticket for him?”

A: Regulations about traveling with children vary from airline to airline. Babies under two years of age traveling with a parent or an adult at least 18 years old on a Continental flight within the 50 United States can fly for free as long as they are seated in an adult’s lap. However, a ticket is required for infants on international flights. Normally airlines offer discounts for infant tickets.

Q: “I’m a diabetic. Will I be allowed to board the aircraft with my medications?”

A: Diabetics can take their required medications, including syringes, on board the aircraft. Be sure to have your prescription handy to avoid problems. Our advice: Always carry your medicine with you aboard the aircraft in a carry-on bag.

Have a good trip!

María Cristina Osorio is Manager, Public Relations, Continental Airlines, for Latin America and the U.S. Latino market.

The Travel Adventure