Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Aims to Develop Bilingual Business-to-Business Web Portal

Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Aims to Develop Bilingual Business-to-Business Web Portal

Company is Developing Strategic Alliances in Mexico


SAN DIEGO, March 9 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce — HISCEC — is a virtual organization focused on the use of the Internet as a business tool. The company has the vision to become the main bilingual B2B (Business-to-Business) portal on the American continent. The official site of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce was launched on April 23rd, 2008. The HISCEC site has had 96,580 unique visitors since its launch, of which visited 365,087 pages, spending an average of 7:55 minutes navigating the site. HISCEC offers an excellent channel to promote micro & small businesses interested in reaching new markets.

In November of 2008, HISCEC launched the Program, “PROVIEX,” which is dedicated to the virtual promotion of Businesses that export. The program works very closely with the Mexican states of Hidalgo & Chihuahua in the promotion of export businesses through the HISCEC site. The new electronic business tools have a considerable influence on the marketing strategies of these types of businesses. Thanks to the use of e-commerce in the international markets, these exporters are confronted with new opportunities and challenges. On a global level, the e-commerce relationships under the “Business-to Business” (B2B) model have contributed to the rapid adoption and practice of e-commerce in the activities of international business.

The B2B market has evolved to such a degree that currently, in the countries with the most developed levels of e-commerce, there exists a direct collaboration between suppliers, vendors and other commercial partners; improvements to the internal and external distribution channels and to the Customer relationship management.

Mexico is still in an early stage of adopting e-commerce activities on its different levels. However, in the last two years, Mexico has experienced notable growth in the number of Internet users, the improvement of infrastructure and the knowledge of the importance of the use of Information Technology to boost the more rapid adoption of different e-commerce business activities.

HISCEC is dedicated to serving businesses that wish to make inroads to the profitable world of the digital economy. The services strategy of HISCEC is compromised of innovation, value, quality of life improvement, education and human relationships.

We invite you to join the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. Some of the major benefits that you will obtain in becoming a Chamber Member are the possibility to have access to a community of enthusiastic business entrepreneurs interested in the promotion of business through the Internet, access to the valuable services offered by HISCEC and the possibility to list your business in HISCEC’s business directory. Upon creating your account, you are immediately able to load images, logos, marketing material, an electronic catalog of products/services and contact information at no cost. Your listing will be indexed some of the most popular search engines, which will help to better position your site on the Internet without any expense to you. In becoming a Premium member of the Chamber, you will be able to publish articles related to your business/industry on the main HISCEC page, as well as load promotional banners. As a Premium Member you will also have sponsored links from our site, and promotional videos in our news section. In addition, HISCEC offers to help with your online marketing strategy.

We look forward to serving you very soon.


Tayde Aburto

Fundador & Presidente

Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce



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Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Aims to Develop Bilingual Business-to-Business Web Portal