Don’t Count Us Out Coalition Calls on Nielsen to Release Media Ratings...

Don’t Count Us Out Coalition Calls on Nielsen to Release Media Ratings Council Audit


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–June 2, 2004–The Don’t Count Us Out Coalition today called on Nielsen Media Research to release the results of the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) recent audit that resulted in the MRC withholding accreditation of Nielsen’s Local People Meter system.

And today, after ignoring the calls of elected officials and community groups, as well as that of the organization setup by Congress to accredit their ratings, Nielsen has now decided that they don’t event want to hear about the concerns of viewers worried about Local People Meters and the negative effect they could have on diversity in TV viewing.

The Don’t Count Us Out Coalition has repeatedly made every good faith effort to work with Nielsen to correct the obvious problems in the LPM system. The Coalition continues to be open to doing so — despite every indication that Nielsen has no intention of listening to our addressing our concerns.

Several weeks ago, Nielsen promised to appoint and participate in a taskforce designed to investigate the undercounting of minority viewers. The Coalition applauded those efforts. But to date, not only has the taskforce not met, but not even a single member has been appointed. Nielsen has also indicated that they will rollout the LPM system on June 3 regardless of the fact that the very organization set up by Congress to accredit the ratings decided to withhold their approval of the LPM system because of concerns over the systems accuracy.

Now, after thumbing their nose at the taskforce and the Media Rating Council, Nielsen continues to thumb its nose at hundreds of elected officials, community groups and concerned citizens from across the country by trying to prevent us from communicating our position.

And while Nielsen now says that the advertisements produced by the Don’t Count Us Out Coalition are part of a “campaign of inaccuracies and distortions,” Nielsen has refused to release the MRC audit that would show if in fact the claims the Coalition are making are true.

What is Nielsen hiding? If the ads are inaccurate, then Nielsen has an opportunity to prove that by simply releasing the MRC audit. If they believe in the integrity of the LPM system then they ought to delay the New York rollout and explain to the concerned citizens, elected officials and community groups why the system undercounts African Americans and Latinos.



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Don’t Count Us Out Coalition Calls on Nielsen to Release Media Ratings Council Audit