National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders Endorses Sed de Saber(TM)...

National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders Endorses Sed de Saber(TM) English Language Learning Initiative


Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 20, 2007–CONLAMIC (The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders) has chosen Retention Education’s English as a Second Language program for adult Hispanics, Sed de Saber(TM), for its English Language Learning Initiative. The goal is to teach English to more than 200,000 parishioners in the next 15 months.

Sed de Saber(TM) (“Thirst for Knowledge”) is a portable, electronic learning system developed by Retention Education, Inc. It uses storytelling, voice recording, games and review exercises to build and improve English language skills. Sed de Saber(TM) combines an English as a second language (ESL) curriculum with the LeapFrog Quantum Pad(R) Plus Microphone, allowing the learner to record, play back, and compare his/her voice to the word or phrase being learned, which increases confidence in pronunciation skills.

Sed de Saber(TM) is currently teaching conversational English to roughly 55,000 Hispanic workers in the foodservice, hospitality, and construction industries as well as 10,000 Hispanic parents of English language learning children via our nation’s school systems. According to the 2000 U.S Census, there are approximately 10 to 15 million limited English proficient Hispanic adults living in the United States.

CONLAMIC, founded in 1998 by the Reverend Miguel Rivera, is the nation’s largest Latino Christian advocacy organization, a network consisting of 16,000 churches, with 32 Latino local, state, and regional evangelical pastors’ associations in 32 States.

CONLAMIC’s platform supports providing its non-English speaking parishioners with the best educational programs. This initiative will be introduced to its members at CONLAMIC’s summit in Washington D.C., September 24th – 25th. The summit will feature a White House conference on education, “White House Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Conference on Youth and Education in the Hispanic Community,” scheduled for the 24th at the Hilton Washington Hotel. 

The Migration Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based non-partisan, non-profit think tank, recently concluded a study on the need for English language instruction: Adult English Language Instruction in the United States: Determining Need and Investing Wisely, July, 2007 (Margie McHugh, Julia Gelatt, and Michael Fix). The study (which is available at underscores the need to invest in ESL programs and the potential social and economic impact: “Providing English language instruction is an investment in the human capital of the nation that generates quantifiable results in the form of increased tax revenues, lower social welfare payments, and improved educational and workforce outcomes among children of immigrants.”

The report also concludes that we have an urgent need to increase the scale and reach of self-accessed ESL learning and the use of technology in ESL instruction: “There appears to be little disagreement that a substantial expansion of programs that provide effective means for distance learning, anytime-anywhere and/ or self accessed learning is needed.”

In a recent letter to CONLAMIC members, Reverend Rivera tells the story of how he was introduced to The Sed de Saber(TM) English Language Learning Initiative. He placed an order at a drive-thru window of a Taco Bell. As he ordered in English, it was quickly apparent that the woman who was helping him could not speak English. About six months later, however, he went to the same Taco Bell drive-thru. A young woman took his order in English. To his amazement, it was the same young woman who had taken his order six months ago. When the Reverend drove up, she remembered him. He asked her how she had learned to speak English so quickly. She then told him all about Sed de Saber(TM).

“We are truly inspired by the leadership efforts of CONLAMIC to help its parishioners learn English – which is so central to the success of these families in this country,” said David Henninger, EVP, Retention Education.

About The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC)

The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) is the largest Latino Christian advocacy organization in the United States, representing 16,000 churches in 32 states. For more information, visit, or call (202) 615-7444.

About Retention Education, Inc.

Retention Education, Inc. is a workforce development company committed to the development and distribution of educational products that help Hispanic adults improve their work skills and their daily lives. The company was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. For more information, visit or call 866-631-6663.

National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders Endorses Sed de Saber(TM) English Language Learning Initiative