Expands Line of Authentic Hispanic Royal® Puddings and Gelatins, Introduces Hispanic-Inspired Flavor-Aid® Drink Mixes


Chicago, IL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–May 1, 2003–Already an established leader in the Hispanic marketplace, 77-year-old West Chicago-based The Jel Sert Company renews its commitment to the fast-growing, loyal Hispanic consumer base by expanding its line of traditional Hispanic Royal dessert mixes, introducing bilingual packaging for Hispanic-inspired Flavor-Aid drink mixes and bringing SunSplashers to the U.S. at this year’s Food Manufacturing Institute (FMI) trade show, set for May 4 – 6 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

“We’ve had our finger on the pulse of the U.S. Hispanic community for years and have seen the dramatic impact it has had on mainstream America,” said Juan Chavez, corporate director of human resources, “The sheer growth of the Hispanic market, coupled with its overwhelming preference for home-cooked, traditional Hispanic meals and its familiarity with the Royal, Flavor-Aid and SunsSplashers brands will make these new products instant hits with the Hispanic community.”

Royal Product Line

The company’s renewed interest in the Hispanic market comes after its December 2000 acquisition of the Royal brand from Nabisco Foods® brands. Royal pudding products to be launched at this year’s FMI show include family-size (eight serving) Flan Con Caramel (caramel custard with sauce), Flan Chocolate (chocolate-flavored custard), Horchata (rice milk), Coco (coconut) and Maíz (corn pudding) pudding mixes. New additions to the Royal gelatin portfolio include Manzana (Apple), Uva (Grape), Mango, Tutti Frutti, Jamaica (Hibiscus), Piña (Pineapple), Limón (Lemon) and Tamarindo (Tamarind) flavors.

“With an average of 3.6 people, Hispanic families tend to be larger than general market families, with an average of 2.6 people,” said Chavez, “Meal sharing with family and friends is also important to Hispanics, so Royal’s new, larger family size is perfect for Hispanic consumers.”

In creating new Royal flavors, Jel Sert researched the taste preferences of U.S. Hispanic communities with roots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and several Central and South American countries.

“These ethnically diverse consumers have different tastes but share similar needs. They work hard, have a strong family focus and are smart shoppers. Brands that they were familiar with in their home countries become their trusted friends in the U.S.,” said Chavez, “We’re hoping to provide a ‘taste of home’ for Hispanic immigrants, while offering mainstream America the opportunity to satiate its increasing attraction for Hispanic flavors.”

Market research shows that mainstream American consumers are doing just that, with salsa surpassing ketchup as America’s favorite condiment several years ago. Nonetheless, tradition still guides the tastes of less-acculturated Hispanics, with 85 percent reporting traditional Hispanic food as their meal of choice (FMI Trend Report 2002).

“More often than not, familiarity guides the purchases of less-acculturated Hispanics,” said Chavez. “Hispanic consumers depend on Royal’s high quality products, passing them on from generation to generation as they continue to buy brands they know and trust.”

Flavor-Aid Bilingual Packaging

The Jel Sert Company will unveil bilingual packaging for additional flavors of its unsweetened, vitamin C-enriched Flavor-Aid soft drink line, including: Tropical Punch, Lemonade, Cherry, Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon Lime, Raspberry, Root Beer, Mango, Tangerine, Apple, Jamaica and Tamarind.

“Our research shows that, while many of these flavors have been mainstream favorites for years, flavors like Jamaica, Tamarind and Tangerine have been particularly successful in Latin America for generations,” said Chavez.

The complete family of Royal and Flavor-Aid products will be available nationwide as of May 1 in grocery, mass merchant, drug, convenience and discount stores.

Flavor Aid SunSplashers brought to the U.S.

In response to consumers’ demand for bold, refreshing flavors, Jel Sert introduces Flavor Aid SunSplashers to the U.S. Hispanic market. Already a hit in the Caribbean, Flavor Aid SunSplashers are available in tropical punch, orange and mango flavors. These pre-sweetened powdered drink mixes bring unique, intense flavors to the category.

About the U.S. Hispanic Market

Currently, Hispanics represent the largest minority population in the United States. According to the Strategy Resource Corporation, Hispanics represent 13.4 percent of the total U.S. population, followed closely by African Americans at 12.6 percent and Asians at 4.3 percent. By 2020, Hispanics will represent 21 percent of the total U.S. population. African-Americans are expected to comprise 12 percent and Asians 6 percent.

With a collective buying power of $560 billion, Hispanics outspend non-Hispanics across a variety of food categories. According to research from FMI, while Hispanic families generally have lower-than-average incomes, they spend about 20 percent more on groceries than non-Hispanic families. Hispanic families spend an average of $430 per month on food, compared to $320 for non-Hispanics.

About The Jel Sert Company

The Jel Sert Company, headquartered in West Chicago, Ill. and privately held since its founding in 1926, manufactures and distributes a variety of nationally branded products. Jel Sert’s brands include Flavor-Aid(R), Wyler’s(R), and Wyler’s Light powdered soft drink mixes; Fla-Vor-Ice(R), Pop-Ice(R), Otter Pops(R) and Wyler’s Italian Ice freezer pops; Mondo Fruit Squeezers(R) aseptic fruit drinks; Royal(R) gelatins, puddings and pie-fillings; My*T*Fine(R) puddings; and Davis(R) and Fleischmann(TM) baking powders.



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