Vintage Decor Appeals to Those Who Don’t Remember When

Vintage Decor Appeals to Those Who Don’t Remember When


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Vintage home goods are found in far more places than Grandmother’s attic or at flea markets. Chuck Soldano, owner of Work in Progress, a shop in Philadelphia, sells dinnerware from the 1930s along with modern art and contemporary vases and accessories. A youthful thirtysomething, Soldano says, “We’re in an era of nostalgia. People are drawn to looks from the ’30s and ’40s. They seem comfy and they also add warmth and texture to modern furniture and interiors.”

“Americans are surrounded by retro styling, not only in fashion, but also at home with pedestal sinks and 1920s- style faucets and doorknobs, even car design,” says Cara Michelini, the Waverly wallpaper design manager. Waverly captures the charm and softened color palette of vintage patterns in Remember When, a new collection of wallpapers, borders and fabrics. “It’s touched by today’s fresh colors –Spring, Sage and Merlot — adding to the traditional teastain, Antique,” she notes. “Some patterns are reminiscent of dressy, silk damask 1940s bed jackets; the names of others sound as sentimental as they look such as Forever Yours or Keepsake Rose.”

The taste for vintage goes beyond the United States, reports Linda S. Axe, a designer and owner of LVL Enterprises, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. She recently returned from Maison & Objet, a twice-yearly international trade show in Paris that covers all types of home products. “Vintage styling was everywhere at the show and also in the Paris shops,” she says. “It was evident in fabric, dinnerware, furniture and in clothing, especially on young people.”

She agrees, “Nostalgia for a slower, more gentle way of life is one reason for the appeal.

“My generation gets pleasure from remembering these wonderful prints and patterns and materials from our past. To young people, they’re not just a new look, they add romance — a new perspective to decorating and dressing,” she suggests. A delicate Waverly fabric, such as Nosegay Sheer’s violet bouquets, would suit a window as gracefully as it would a gown.

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Vintage Decor Appeals to Those Who Don’t Remember When