The Ayudame a Vivir Foundation to Begin Fundraising Efforts in The United...

The Ayudame a Vivir Foundation to Begin Fundraising Efforts in The United States

Corporate sponsors, including Pollo Campero and Corporacion Multi Inversiones, instrumental in U.S. expansion from Guatemala


MIAMI, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The Ayudame a Vivir Foundation (“Help Me Live”), a sister organization to Guatemala’s Fundacion Ayudame a Vivir, a non-profit organization that raises money to fund cancer treatment for underprivileged children, today announced it has received approval from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to operate as a not for profit organization within the United States. As a result, the Ayudame a Vivir Foundation will begin conducting fundraising activities to assist pediatric cancer treatment and research for underprivileged children both in the United States and Guatemala. The Foundation’s operations will be based in Miami, Florida. The announcement was made by Maria Eugenia de Mata, president of the Ayudame a Vivir Foundation in the United States.

Ayudame a Vivir initiated its application to commence operating as a not for profit in the United States in the winter of 2007. In May of 2008, Ayudame a Vivir obtained approval from the United States IRS to begin U.S. operations.

Fundraising activities for the Foundation will begin upon final approval from the state of Florida. Ayudame a Vivir Foundation has decided to expand into the United States to increase access to funding from donors in the United States, assist more children in need and provide much needed funding to hospitals in both the United States and Guatemala. Ayudame a Vivir also envisions the expansion of its U.S. fundraising operations into Illinois and California by establishing offices in these states in the near future. The Foundation has chosen Illinois and California as targets for expansion due to the large Hispanic populations in both states.

“We were thrilled to have the support and financial assistance of many corporate sponsors, including long-standing contributors Juan Jose Gutierrez, president of Pollo Campero, and Dionisio Gutierrez and Juan Luis Bosch,

co-presidents of Corporacion Multi Inversiones,” said de Mata. “These corporations were instrumental in the success of our sister organization in Guatemala, as well as our expansion in to the United States. We are extremely thankful for their unwavering support.”

“The Foundation has great plans to begin fundraising efforts in the United States, with the hope that Ayudame a Vivir can make a difference for children in need of cancer treatment by bringing much needed assistance and hope to children and families who are unable to pay for treatment,” de Mata added. “We believe the Ayudame a Vivir Foundation can have the same success fighting pediatric cancer in the United States as its sister organization has had in Guatemala.”

The Foundation will conduct a variety fundraising activities, depending on the needs of the organization and the success of each fundraising campaign. The Foundation will conduct fundraising events to garner attention to the Foundation and to its cause. The Foundation will also conduct direct mail, telephone and email campaigns targeting potential donors. This strategy will seek to target individuals that have shown an interest in donating to pediatric cancer causes. In addition to the tactics described above, the Foundation plans to solicit support from public and private foundations, as well as corporate sponsors.

The Foundation does not provide funds directly to families or individuals, but rather helps to fund hospitals and organizations that provide assistance to indigent families to care for and treat children afflicted with cancer. Although the Foundation has medical experts on its board of directors, it believes that doctors and medical experts currently treating children and working on pediatric cancer research are better able to determine which children require the most urgent treatment. In addition to providing funds which will be used to cover the cost of treatment, the Foundation will also provide hospitals with funds to purchase equipment and expand facilities to improve their pediatric cancer treatment, as well as providing families of afflicted children with food, transportation and shelter during the child’s treatment.

The Foundation will use strict criteria to determine which organizations and hospitals will receive funds. The Foundation will require applicants to submit a grant proposal which will require an explanation as to why the organization requires a grant and how it intends to use the funds. Once a determination to provide a grant has been made, the Foundation will distribute funds to the grant recipients. Grants will only be made for pediatric cancer treatment.

About Ayudame a Vivir

Fundacion Ayudame a Vivir, which was founded in 1997, has made a tremendous impact on cancer treatment in Guatemala. Through its efforts, Fundacion Ayudame a Vivir has played a role in helping professionals increase child cancer survival rates in Guatemala from 28 percent to 70 percent, and has helped treat more than 2,500 children. Additional information about the Foundation is available at: .

The Ayudame a Vivir Foundation to Begin Fundraising Efforts in The United States