Lista-Latina.Com Founder Supports Immigration Changes

Lista-Latina.Com Founder Supports Immigration Changes

Calls for Streamlining of Application Processes & End to Employer Abuses


San Francisco, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–May 17, 2006– founder and President, Katie O’Brien today expressed her support of the proposed guest worker programs announced by President George Bush in his address to the nation last night.

“I’m glad that something is being done to change the situation from what it is currently to a more comprehensive, legal process which will benefit the immigrants who are already entrenched into the American way of life. These people have credit cards and lives built around the prospect of living and working as Americans,” said Katie O’Brien, President and founder of a web portal similar to a “Craig’s List” for Latinos and in particular newer Spanish speaking immigrants.

“I strongly believe that new legislation would level the playing field for so many including migrant farm workers who often get injured and are then fired from their jobs and threatened with deportations of their entire families. This will tell those employers who are practicing these unfair tactics that they no longer can do that without some consequence because now the workers will have some form of work permit, she added.

This was a big reason why O’Brien says she launched “”I was incensed that so many workers were being abused by employers and had no resources to assist them in their lives here. They had no place to share ideas, get jobs and settle in to their new lives as Americans.”

Calling for the system of applying for citizenship or work-status to be streamlined O’Brien went on to say, “I think the whole national guard thing may a ‘band aid’ and I sincerely hope that they streamline the system administratively to be able to process a greater amount of legal work and citizenship cases than what they are currently. They really need to streamline the system.

As someone who has filled out paperwork for workers from Spain, I can tell you that the process is a very difficult one that needs to be simplified.”

O’Brien launched in 2005 to assist immigrants and other Spanish dominant Latinos with services and opportunities for commerce, personal relationships, purchase and sale of used furniture, autos and other merchandise and community-based service offerings. is a privately-owned and volunteer operated web site. It was first launched in the San Francisco Bay Area where the organization is headquartered. It now serves many more areas including Denver, New York, Newark, and others. For more information on log-on to the site at: invites members of the English and Spanish language press to interview their spokespersons at their San Francisco headquarters and San Jose, California locations. Please call for additional contact and scheduling information.

Lista-Latina.Com Founder Supports Immigration Changes