The Choco Milk Matters to Kids Tour Mixes Education with Physical Activity

The Choco Milk Matters to Kids Tour Mixes Education with Physical Activity

Youth nutrition and fitness campaign promotes the value of fortified flavored milk


SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Choco Milk, a leading children’s nutritional supplement for milk, announces the launch of The Choco Milk Matters to Kids Tour. The traveling youth nutrition and fitness campaign involves children in physical activities that challenge them to make better food and fitness choices. Beginning this week, the free mobile event will travel to major metropolitan cities and make multiple appearances at community festivals, youth organizations and retail stores.


Choco Milk is a children’s nutritional product manufactured by the same company that makes the infant formula Enfamil, and is the only enriched flavored milk modifier fortified with 16 vitamins and minerals. The Choco Milk Matters to Kids Tour promotes the importance of drinking milk and being physically active. Children’s consumption of milk has fallen off in favor of sugary sodas and sweetened juices, and experts credit this trend as a key factor driving the rising rates of childhood obesity, vitamin deficiency and bone disease.

According to a report in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, experts recommend flavored milks for children. The report was published in the Journal this spring and was funded by the National Dairy Council. “According to recent National Dairy Council research, there are several advantages to serving your children flavored milk,” says registered dietitian, Sylvia Melendez-Klinger. “Since kids like the taste, they actually drink enough milk and get the calcium, Vitamin D and other nutrients that make drinking milk so important. Secondly, research revealed that kids who drink flavored milk aren’t prone to gaining more weight because they make milk their beverage of choice and drink less sodas and sugary beverages,” the registered dietitian said. “Choco Milk is the best flavored drink mix to rely on because it is the only one fortified with 16 vitamins and minerals.” Melendez-Klinger and other registered dietitians will share nutrition information with children and adults at selected tour stops.

The tour showcases activities that are stimulating and uncomplicated. Each event piece has customized images and messages that provide participants with positive reinforcement. A classic carnival-like game toss will teach kids to aim to knock out junk food and unhealthy drink choices displayed in a simulated refrigerator. In Pancho’s Soccer Shoot Out, the challenge is to score a goal against Pancho Pantera, the energetic and fit Choco Milk mascot. Children also measure their strength at a high striker. The power of their swing reveals just how much “Panther Power” they have.

“That’s why the Choco Milk Matters to Kids Tour does matter. Kids will have fun participating in activities that challenge them physically and mentally while they learn how much it matters to drink milk and be active,” Melendez-Klinger said.

About Choco Milk

Choco Milk is part of the nutritional product family of Mead Johnson Nutritionals, a world leader in nutrition. Choco Milk was introduced in Mexico 80 years ago and has remained an essential part of many families throughout generations, and became available in America in 1999. Choc Milk recognizes the importance of a balanced nutrition throughout childhood, which is why it is the only milk modifier with the NutriPantera Formula, enriched with 16 vitamins and minerals from Vitamins A, B and C to Zinc. Available in chocolate and strawberry, its delicious flavor is a favorite for kids and adults alike.

The Choco Milk Matters to Kids Tour Mixes Education with Physical Activity