The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Will Advocate for Immigrant Policy Reform

The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Will Advocate for Immigrant Policy Reform



ADVISORY for Tuesday, July 15

Local coalition to send over 100 to D.C., NYC to promote human rights for immigrants

Dozens of activists, immigrants, and allies gathered today in Saint Paul to kick off the Minnesota portion for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride. Modeled after the Freedom Rides of the Civil Rights movement, the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride (IWFR) is a national mobilization for immigrant rights and to highlight the injustice of U.S. immigration policies. The IWFR coalition is pushing for a new immigration policy that would include: legalized status and a “road to citizenship” for all immigrant workers in this country; the right of workers to re-unite their families; and protection of immigrants’ workplace rights.

Buses of riders from the Twin Cities and nine other cities across the country will converge in Washington, D.C. in early October, then proceed to New York City for a huge rally (an estimated 400,000 people) in Flushing Meadows Park.

Many of the local organizers also worked successfully to get the City of Minneapolis to pass an ordinance banning city employees from doing INS work last week. These activists hope to focus the momentum from Friday’s victory on this national campaign for human rights for immigrants.

“The fight for the rights of immigrants is a fight for all working and oppressed people,” said Pablo Tapia, a leader from the immigrant rights organization ISAIAH. Tapia will be among the Immigrant Workers Freedom Riders in September.

“Immigrant workers are a major part of our economy and society,” National AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Linda Chavez-Thompson has said. “Millions of immigrant families are paying taxes and are contributing to our communities. They have dreams for their children and concerns for their own safety just like everyone else.”

“Immigrants rights are human rights,” said Marv Davidov, who rode the Freedom Ride buses in the 1960s, and will again ride the bus in September. “Just as we bused to the South to fight for civil rights in 1961, and as we continue that fight for equality today, we must include and make visible the similar struggle undocumented workers face.”




Press Conference to kick off local organizing on the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride


AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Linda Chavez-Thompson, clergy, local elected officials, Immigrant leaders, Freedom Riders


Tuesday, July 15, 12:30 pm


Neighborhood House

El Rio Vista Rec. Center

179 Robie Street East

St. Paul, MN 55107

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The Minnesota Coalition of the IWFR

Suzanne Murphy, 612-379-4311

The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Will Advocate for Immigrant Policy Reform