Hispanic Population Continues to Increase While Occupational Status Lags Behind

Hispanic Population Continues to Increase While Occupational Status Lags Behind

H&R Block announces 3,900 job opportunities for bilingual, Spanish-speaking tax professionals as well as enrollment opening for income tax course; classes start in September


Kansas City, MO–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 8, 2006–According to the most recent national estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population accounted for almost half—approximately 49 percent—of the overall national population growth over the last 12-month period measured, confirming projections that made Hispanics the fastest growing minority.

At the same time, a recent report from the PEW Hispanic Center* shows that the socioeconomic status of Hispanic workers lags behind that of whites with the occupational divide between the two groups continually increasing. Key elements of the report found that:

–Hispanics are concentrated in non-professional, service occupations with the representation of Hispanics in management and professional occupations declining between 1990 and 2000.

— Occupations in which Hispanic workers are concentrated rank low in earnings as well as education requirements.

— While shifts in the structure of industries contributed to this divide, both education and experience also contribute to this gap.

As part of H&R Block’s commitment to the Hispanic community, the company has announced plans to hire 3,900 bilingual, Spanish-speaking tax professionals nationwide creating professional opportunities that offer competitive wages for Hispanic workers in the U.S. The company has also announced the opening of registration for its Income Tax Course to provide Hispanics with the opportunity to learn tax preparation skills that could potentially lead to a new profession earning extra money as a tax professional.**

“As the Hispanic population continues to increase, we at H&R Block recognize the need to provide professional opportunities to the Hispanic workforce that are in line with the growing pace of this community,” said Christina Lively, H&R Block Marketing Manager. “As we expand our presence in the Latino community, we are committed to continue training and hiring tax professionals that can serve this population in their language of preference and with the standard of quality that our company is recognized for.”

H&R Block is committed to providing the best-in-class service to members of this community in their language of preference by increasing the number of bilingual, Spanish-speaking tax professionals who can work effectively with their clients to help them meet their tax obligations and obtain the maximum refund that they are entitled to by law. Openings for bilingual, Spanish-speaking tax professionals are available in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento as well as in many other markets throughout the country with significant and growing Latino communities.

Beginning September 11, 2006, H&R Block will offer both bilingual courses (in English and Spanish) as well as only in English at many locations throughout the country. The courses are taught by experienced H&R Block professionals, many with more than a decade of expertise in serving tax clients.

The program is an 11-week income tax course designed for those without existing tax preparation training as well as those wanting to update their tax preparation skills. The program covers a scope of tax topics and is designed to help students learn how to help others by spotting overlooked deductions, being aware of recent tax law changes, and applying proven money-saving tax strategies.

To learn more about course schedules, locations, enrollment and class fees,*** call toll-free 866-263-8933 (Spanish-speaking operators are available) or visit the company’s Web site at hrblock.com/goto/cursodetaxes.

* Source: The Occupational Status and Mobility of Hispanics by Rakesh Kochhar; Pew Hispanic Center, December 2005.

**Completion of the income tax course is neither an offer nor a guarantee of employment with H&R Block. Additionally, for highly experienced applicants the income tax course is not a pre-requisite as these applicants can opt-out upon successful completion of a tax knowledge test.

***Fees vary at participating offices.

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Hispanic Population Continues to Increase While Occupational Status Lags Behind