World-Renowned Hot Spot Buddha-Bar Selects Panama City as Next Location

World-Renowned Hot Spot Buddha-Bar Selects Panama City as Next Location

After Success with the Rich and Famous Worldwide, Buddha-Bar Expands to the Luxury Hotel World, Selecting Panama as First Foray into the Americas


MIAMI, April 23 /PRNewswire/ — For almost one hundred years, The Panama Canal has served to connect the East to the West; now, Buddha-Bar — the unique concept that has become an international phenomenon, is set to accomplish the same goal. With their first Oriental inspired Luxury Hotel in the Americas set to open in fast growing Panama City, Buddha-Bar will expand on their vision, bringing a sumptuous hotel, restaurant and spa to this thriving metropolis. As seen with their monster success in Paris, Buddha-Bar creates an exotic journey that includes eclectic design, hypnotizing music, and magical food mixing the boldness of Asian flavors with the delicacies of France. The unique group will open their first hotel in Prague this summer.

With more than 10 years of experience that began in Paris and expanded to cities like London, Cairo, Beirut, and Dubai, Buddha-Bar uses their “East meets West” sensibility to create celebrity-filled hot-spots wherever they go. Employing original music that carries a worldwide cult-following, and exotic Pacific-Rim food, these pioneers created the concept of “entertainment”.

This privileged hotel will be located in the heart of Panama City, featuring full service suites with cozy and contemporary Asian interiors, an iconic restaurant, and their internationally acclaimed spa. Guests will enjoy the glamour and elegance of a 5-star hotel and unparalleled customer service that defines Buddha-Bar’s philosophy. Visitors to the hotel, spa, and restaurant will be immersed in the enigmatic atmosphere that Buddha-Bar is known for worldwide. Residents and tourists of Panama City will be overjoyed to finally have a sophisticated scene for evenings out that compares to the rest of the world’s top cities.

Buddha-Bar Hotel & Spa Panama arrives in collaboration with the Revat Group. The company was founded by a group of top international professionals with the goal of developing superior branded properties in fast growing markets. Revat and its affiliate Hera Capital have worked with top international hospitality brands in markets like Aruba, Spain, US, Turkey, UAE, and now Panama.

Panama is rapidly becoming the center of business in the heart of the Americas, and is currently experiencing amazing economic growth comparable to places like Dubai. The country’s quality of living, cosmopolitan allure, top financial services, ideal climate, varied landscapes, biodiversity, a dollarized economy, and ever expanding airline hub attracts more and more tourists, which explains why investors from around the world continue to invest billions of dollars in this country.

All of these ingredients make Buddha Bar Hotel & Spa Panama the new hot spot not only for those visiting this incredible, budding metropolis, but for the upper-echelon of Panama who can finally enjoy one of the world’s most exclusive and distinguished brands in their own country.

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World-Renowned Hot Spot Buddha-Bar Selects Panama City as Next Location