NAHP Honors La Raza Newspaper with 18 Awards at its 21st Annual...

NAHP Honors La Raza Newspaper with 18 Awards at its 21st Annual Convention in Los Angeles


Chicago, IL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–March 30, 2004–La Raza Newspaper has been honored with multiple awards at the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) annual convention.

The NAHP, America’s premier Hispanic print association, is comprised of hundreds of publications targeting the U.S. Hispanic reader. By adding the combined circulation of all the member publications, the NAHP delivers more than half of the total U.S. Hispanic population.

This year, the NAHP Awards were the most competitive yet. There were over 900 award entries, spanning six categories and combining for 70 prizes.

La Raza Newspaper obtained seven awards for first place, five for second place and six honorable mentions, for a total of 18 awards. La Raza enjoyed awards from virtually all categories, including several of the most coveted awards for editorial, design and marketing. The following is a recap of the awards presented to La Raza Newspaper:

Seven First Place Awards

— Outstanding Entertainment Section: Editor Eduardo Alegria

— Outstanding Health Section: Editors Dr. Pablo Villa/ Monica Valenti

— Outstanding Food Section: Editor Gisella Orozco

— Outstanding Latin America –Political/Business Article: Jorge Mujica

— Outstanding Latin America -Cultural Article: Elbio Rodrigez

— Outstanding Section Design: Pedro Hernandez

— Outstanding Marketing Newsletter: La Raza Marketing Department

Five Second Place Awards

— Outstanding Spanish Language Weekly

— Outstanding Auto Section: Jorge Mederos

— Outstanding Front Page Design: Marin Asurza

— Outstanding Media Kit

— Outstanding Single Sales Sheet

Six Honorable Mentions

— Outstanding Classified Section

— Outstanding Special Section: Gisella Orozco

— Outstanding Education Article: Gisella Orozco

— Outstanding Latin America –Cultural Article: Elbio Rodriguez

— Outstanding Multiple Article Series: Eduardo Alegria/Elbio Rodríguez

— Best website:

Other Illinois Hispanic publications won awards as well. Tele Guia was honored as the “Outstanding TV Guide” and the bilingual newspaper Reflejos, from Arlington Heights, received the award for “Outstanding Bilingual Publication” with less than 30,000 copies.

El Nuevo Herald of Miami received “Outstanding Spanish Language Daily” honors. Also, in the daily category, the New York edition of Hoy received many distinctions. However, none of the Tribune’s Company Awards were for the Chicago product. Among the weekly’s, First Place went to Phoenix based, Prensa Hispana, to whom we send our warmest congratulations.

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NAHP Honors La Raza Newspaper with 18 Awards at its 21st Annual Convention in Los Angeles