The Right Prescription for a Healthier New York Community

The Right Prescription for a Healthier New York Community


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–March 28, 2006–More than 45 million Americans, including more than eight million children are living without health coverage. In New York alone, over 2,866,000 people do not have health insurance — that’s over 15% of the population. When it comes to Hispanics, the numbers are staggering: nearly one in three lacks health care coverage — more than any other racial or ethnic group.

Lack of health insurance can be risky and costly: health problems can wipe out a family’s bank account; symptoms that may have been uncovered during a routine check-up are never diagnosed or treated. As a result, emergency rooms are filled with patients suffering from conditions that could have been caught earlier — a factor that not only burdens the individual but also increases the overall cost of health insurance.

An alternative solution

In today’s economic environment, health insurance premiums are formidable, and in many cases, cost-prohibitive. Too often, the “solution” is no insurance — and thus, no health care. Starting in April 2006, a collaborative effort of local private medical offices, together with Community Premier Plus—a non-profit health insurance company—and Community Voices – a non-profit community advocate for the uninsured – will launch a bilingual advertising campaign that will focus on addressing the fundamental issues of access to medical care. It’s aptly entitled, “The care you want, the peace of mind you need.”

Campaign that reflects commitment

The advertising campaign will run for three consecutive months (April- June). Each month, an ad will address a different need, from mothers with children and young adults to women. Each offers a free doctors visit with a free medical check-up, as well as assistance in applying for free or low-cost health insurance. All that’s required of the reader is a toll-free phone call to 1-877-CPP-4456 to set up an appointment at any of the participating private practice medical locations throughout the Bronx and Manhattan.

About CPP

Since 1996, Community Premier Plus (CPP) has been a pioneer in the health care field, providing high quality, coordinated preventive and treatment services for a diverse medically underserved population as well as the uninsured.

CPP has been rated as one of New York’s top health plan by its members for three years in a row. The health plan provides free or low-cost health insurance to more than 50,000 members, and sponsors various health events and complimentary workshops throughout the year.

CPP is committed to the health and well being of the community — from health insurance to assurance that the community has the services and information it needs. It’s evident in everything CPP does, from the advertising campaign to its free clinics and partnerships — and in the plan’s mantra “We treat you like family.”

The Right Prescription for a Healthier New York Community