Yard Makeovers are as Easy as Adding a Border

Yard Makeovers are as Easy as Adding a Border


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Flip through the TV channels and you’re bound to come across a makeover show. Women are being made over. Men are being made over. Even rooms are undergoing fabulous transformations. You have to admit, makeovers are fun, so why not give one to your yard?

Giving your yard a new look isn’t difficult; it just requires a little thought. One of the easiest ways to makeover your yard is by updating or adding a new landscape bed.

First, choose your site and then measure it. It’s helpful to draw a map of the area you have in mind. You’ll want to fill your space with plants and shrubs that do well in the area you have chosen. Be sure to include a few colorful selections. Nothing gives a landscape bed more flare than brightly-colored blooming bushes and flowers. If you need help deciding what to buy or are not even sure of what to plant, check with your local nursery or county extension office. They can provide information on what plants and flowers are appropriate for your flowerbed location.

Now, the fun begins. After you’ve selected and planted your plants, you’ll need to add a frame or border around them. Borders can dictate the look of your landscape bed, and there are many options to choose from. For example, if you want a clean and simple look, try Easy Gardener’s Fiber Edge(R). It’s a functional and flexible fiberglass edging that features simple lines. Available in dark green or black, it comes in 20-foot and 100-foot lengths. Landscaping contractors often choose Fiber Edge because of its strength and durability. Made from UV-resistant fiberglass, Fiber Edge bends easily, so you can make it conform to just about any landscape design. It’s easy to install, too – just line up the edging where you want it to go, dig a shallow trench, insert the edging and pound it in with a rubber mallet. Once it’s in, it will stay put and won’t rust, warp or rot.

If you’re more daring and would like an edging with a little twist, try Garden Braid for a fabulous and functional look. Available in 44-inch sections, Garden Braid features a decorative braid-like pattern and comes in Verde, a verdant color, as well as Terra Cotta, a burnt orange color. The edging helps keep weeds out of your landscape bed and holds mulches in.

If it’s elegance you’re after, try Easy Gardener’s stone-colored Cottage Garden Border (available in 44-inch sections) or Gothic Border (available in 22-inch sections). The Cottage Garden edging features an embossed wheat pattern that brings to mind an English cottage. The Gothic Border has a carved stone design.

Garden Braid, Cottage Garden and Gothic Borders are easy to install. There is no digging involved. Just line them up where you want them to go and pound them into the ground. Once they’re in, they’ll give your landscape bed a polished look you’re sure to love.

All borders are made from strong UV-treated plastic and feature flexible, built-in connectors that make creating straight or curved lines a breeze. They won’t chip or fade and will look fresh for years.

Giving your yard a new look isn’t difficult. With a little thought and one of these borders, you can give your yard the cutting “edge” in lawn fashion. Easy Gardener borders and decorative edgings are available at your local garden center or chain retailer. Call (800) EASY-INC or visit their Web site, http://www.easygardener.com, for more information.

Yard Makeovers are as Easy as Adding a Border