‘Médico de Familia’ Magazine Launches Inaugural Edition

‘Médico de Familia’ Magazine Launches Inaugural Edition


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–January 19, 2007–The publishers of the new Spanish-language health magazine “Médico de Familia” announced the inaugural edition of the monthly publication, which is now available in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices in Hispanic neighborhoods nationwide.

The magazine, a joint production of the Interamerican College of Physicians and Surgeons (ICPS) and New York-based publishers Parlante, is written entirely by ICPS member physicians and is distributed to over 20,000 doctors’ offices in top Hispanic DMA’s.

“This is an extremely important publication,” said Dr. René F. Rodríguez, founder and president of ICPS, the nation’s largest and oldest Hispanic medical society. “ ‘Médico de Familia’ will give Spanish-speaking patients easy-to-understand information on health right in their doctors’ offices, when health and well-being is their foremost concern.”

The magazine’s inaugural edition features articles on heart health, eating tips during pregnancy, asthma in the Hispanic community and how to choose the right doctor, among others. Contributing writers include former Acting Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Cristina V. Beato, former Public Health Secretary for the Dominican Republic Dr. Martha de Brown, and the much-heralded ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Alex Moreano.

“When the Interamerican College of Physicians and Surgeons first approached us about collaborating on this project, we were shocked to learn that a magazine that makes as much sense as ‘Médico de Familia’ wasn’t already on the market,” said Neil Porter, the magazine’s publisher. “This publication will become a medium through which U.S. Hispanics inform themselves about critical health issues affecting them and their families.”

About ‘Médico de Familia’

“Médico de Familia” is a unique health monthly written by Hispanic physicians in plain-spoken Spanish for U.S. Hispanic consumers. The publication fills a void in the Hispanic consumer print market, using the insight and experience of ICPS) as the origin for much of the magazine’s editorial content. Distribution is through ICPS-affiliate doctors’ offices and clinics in high-density Hispanic zip codes., and their enthusiasm for the importance of the ICPS as an educational and lobbying group drives the perception of the magazine as an important source for information and reference.

‘Médico de Familia’ Magazine Launches Inaugural Edition