Thermalism Study Results Prompt Efforts to Lower Crime Rates

Thermalism Study Results Prompt Efforts to Lower Crime Rates

American Society of Thermalism And Climatology Will Present Results at Thermal Fair of the Americas and Recommends the International Use of Hydropinotherapy to Lower Crime Rates


NEW YORK, Oct. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — After concluding the phase of studies of the effect of mineral spring waters on the human brain including a bibliographic study of the subject, the American Society of Thermalism And Climatology (ASTC) now moves on to a second phase, to lower crime rates through the use of therapeutic doses of mineral spring waters.

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The works will be presented at the Thermal Fair of the Americas, to be held in Coamo, Puerto Rico in 2013, with the conclusions that the mass use of mineral spring waters prevents crime or lowers crime rates among the population.

Previous studies carried out in 27 counties in Texas from 1978 to 1987 showed that suicide, murder and rape rates are significantly higher in counties whose drinking water supplies either do not contain or have only low quantities of lithium. This suggests that lithium has the effect of moderating suicidal and violent behavior. Later comparisons of lithium levels in Texas counties also showed a statistical inversion with arrest rates for opium, cocaine, morphine, heroine and codeine.

According to Dr. Garis Silega, President of the American Society of Thermalism, this suggests that lithium, given in therapeutic doses, has a generally beneficial effect on human behavior; and this can be associated with the role of lithium as an essential nutritional element. He noted that his works will be published in the First Journal of Thermal Medicine, the monthly publication of the Society which will issue its first edition this December.

The ASTC is currently in the process of creating protocols to continue its research with large population groups, principally criminal groups, for which reason conventions were sent to Mexico, the USA, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, among other countries. They are also working with the beverage industry to design a low cost product that can be widely distributed among the population. The ASTC seeks the support of scientists and professionals in different fields, mainly with psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, physical therapists and others, to broaden the research in this field.

Other institutions, governments or professionals who would like more information on these studies can contact the Society at

According to Dr. Silega the Society is preparing a course for professionals to train them in this subject. The course will be prepared for January 2013 in New York City, and includes studies on sources of spring waters that can be used as an effective treatment against crime and an international guide for places working as treatment centers.

SOURCE American Society of Thermalism And Climatology

Thermalism Study Results Prompt Efforts to Lower Crime Rates