Statement on the Let’s Move Campaign and Partnership for a Healthier America

Statement on the Let’s Move Campaign and Partnership for a Healthier America

Raymond J. Baxter, PhD, senior vice president, Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy


WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ — During the past year as the nation debated health care reform, the need to address the health impacts of obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases became all too clear.

These medical conditions are damaging the nation’s health status and leading to premature death. Yet, they are preventable. We know that major contributors to the obesity epidemic, particularly among children, are food and physical environments that make it difficult for people to make healthy choices, but easy to consume extra calories and be sedentary.

We are grateful that the First Lady is taking the leading role in advocating for a comprehensive, clinical and community-based prevention approach to developing solutions to this nationwide problem. We also are proud to be a founding partner in the Partnership for a Healthier America. This new endeavor will not only catalyze new efforts to address this critical issue, but will provide an excellent opportunity to build upon the best practices in communities across the United States.

In recent years, we have made progress learning what really helps to prevent childhood obesity, but we all need to do much more. As more people and organizations get involved in this fight, I am confident we will reverse this epidemic. The foundation the First Lady announced today will be a powerful lever to bring more people and organizations to the table to solve this problem. By focusing on the areas where we need to make changes – from our medical offices to our communities – and then getting organizations to make significant commitments to change clinical practices and improve our environments, we have the possibility to make rapid progress.

As a health care provider, we at Kaiser Permanente understand the importance of clinical prevention efforts. We also understand the challenges our patients and their families face when they leave the exam room. We have long supported a comprehensive approach that includes evidence-based clinical prevention strategies, as well as efforts to create the conditions outside our doctors’ offices that make it easier for patients to eat better and increase their physical activity.

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Statement on the Let’s Move Campaign and Partnership for a Healthier America