Launches to Help Latinos Prosper in Tough Economy Launches to Help Latinos Prosper in Tough Economy


OXNARD, Calif., Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Presenting unwavering confidence in the men and women who pursue entrepreneurial success and the “American Dream,” supports Latino business owners and professionals seeking their own solution to the economic challenges of the day.

Launched recently at, the site provides daily news, success stories, expert advice, research and networking — all in a context that reaffirms the value of Latino culture.

“At a time when business news is mostly distressing, Latinos need to draw on their deep cultural strengths — a hard work ethic, creativity, and sense of community,” said Abel Magana, CEO of LatinOffice LLC. “They’ll find it all at, and their culture will prove an economic advantage during this difficult crisis.”

The site features daily business news stories relevant to U.S. Latinos, plus weekly columns, a chamber events calendar, forums and business tools. Specific channels cover entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, market research and career planning. The site’s tagline — The Culture Inside Your Business — sums up the spirit of the site.

“As Latinos re-think careers, they can return to their roots and connect with others facing similar challenges,” Magana explained.

On the community level, gives Hispanic chambers of commerce and trade groups a venue to promote their activities and share news both with their memberships and a wider audience. The community functions include an event calendar, social network groups, and forums.

Another unique feature, Research Reviews, examines statistical investigations in the Latino market. Academics, think tanks, marketers and government agencies are invited to submit projects for review and coverage to

While specifically targets Latino professionals and business owners, the site has valuable information for a much wider audience.

“Latino business culture has quietly become a defining characteristic of the U.S. economy,” said Magana. “We have seen the Latinization of U.S. culture in food and entertainment. Now it’s time for business.”

About LatinOffice, LLC

LatinOffice, LLC, is a market-leading media company with flagship website at The site provides targeted news, trends, analysis, resources, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and career professionals of Latin culture. is a strategic media partner of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interest of the nation’s 2.5 million Hispanic business owners. The company is based in Southern California, the nation’s largest Latino market.

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