LATV Expands Programming Lineup to Include World Wide UFO Expert Jaime Maussan

LATV Expands Programming Lineup to Include World Wide UFO Expert Jaime Maussan

Seven new shows headline Fall Schedule


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — LATV, the nation’s first bilingual entertainment/music network distributed via digital multicast, announced today that, beginning October 19, it was adding to its lineup, Los Archivos Secretos de Jaime Maussan, a weekly investigative show regarding UFO sightings. In addition, El Glam Show, Discografias, Onces, Motel Diablito, Rockstar and Sobre Expuesto, will debut October 19 exclusively on LATV. Returning to the network this fall are audience favorites En Concierto, En la Zona, L-Flik, Nocturninos, Kiu and Ras de Lona.

“Our fall programming schedule reflects the tastes of our audience-young, cutting-edge Latinos that are interested in all that is current and hip. And our lineup is just that, featuring in-house music concerts, entertainment talk shows as well as new movies for LATV’s showcase L-Flik. We are especially excited to add the worldwide sensation, Jaime Maussan, an international expert in UFO sightings with an exclusive LATV weekly show, Los Archivos Secretos de Jaime Maussan,” said Luca Bentivoglio, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Programming, LATV. “As the alternative Network for the new Latino , we want to be the top destination for U.S. Hispanics to turn to for their entertainment, be it on their TV or on the web. We are a media company with smart, fun, and alternative programming.”

About the new shows:

Los Archivos Secretos de Jaime Maussan is a half- hour weekly show hosted by the renowned international expert in UFO sightings, Jaime Maussan. This exclusive program will present shocking evidence about extraterrestrial activities in our planet. Tuesday 8:30 pm E.T. Encores Thursday 8:30 pm E.T and Friday 12:00 am E.T.

EL Glam Show, the only magazine show in the Latino arena hosted by true media professionals. Alfonso “Poncho” Vera, Alejandra Fernandez and Guillermo “Memo” Martinez will report the latest events in the entertainment industry with their own special point of view. Tuesday through Friday 5:00 pm E.T. Encores Tuesday through Friday 10:00 pm E.T. & 01:00 am E.T.


Discografias (Discographies), an original and compelling one hour weekly show featuring the making of the twenty five most important Latin music albums of the past two decades . Narrated by the artists who created these Rock and Pop masterpieces, this unique and fast paced show will take you on a journey behind the making of each album. Wednesday 9:00 pm E.T. Encore Saturday 12:00 am E.T.

Onces is the code used by the yellow press reporters who walk the streets at night in search of the most amazing stories for the next morning’s front page headlines. A reality show so crude, honest and disturbing that it will leave the audience in complete shock. This is the real deal of what really happens in one of the biggest urban jungles in the world. Friday 12:30 am E.T. Encores Sunday & Monday 12:30 am E.T.

Motel Diablito. Welcome to the only motel in the world where a loony little devil in pajamas speaks to a living tree surrounded by a live and crazy audience. Laugh your heart out as you witness the most absurd and funny pranks and stunts. Tuesday through Friday 7:30 pm E.T.

Rockstar is a weekly reality show about a middle aged rocker who hasn’t given up his dream to be famous. We follow his drama, as he tries to assemble a duets album with his best friends. Join music legends such as Alex Lora from “El TRI”, when they join our rock virtuoso in his quest for success! Friday 7:00 pm E.T. Encore Monday 7:30 pm E.T.

Sobre Expuesto, an investigative show devoted to unleash celebrities’ deepest and darkest secrets. You know the facts but you don’t know the most controversial and inner thoughts of your favorite stars. Every week in Sobre Expuesto you will become the shrink of your idols as they reveal the most embarrassing and difficult moments of their lives. Monday 12:00 am E.T. Encore Sunday 12:00 am E.T.

About LATV:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, LATV is the nation’s first Latino bi-lingual entertainment and music network distributed via digital multicast. A pioneer in bicultural youth broadcasting, LATV has been in the Los Angeles market since 2001 and launched nationally on April 23, 2007. Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc. is an investor in the national network and has a minority ownership interest in the Company as well as a seat on its Board of Directors. Targeting the 18- to 34-year-old Latino, LATV’s programming bouquet offers a range of content that includes multi-genre music, lifestyle and entertainment. The network is ad-supported and offers an array of programming that is original and exclusive. The company also owns LatiNation, LLC which nationally syndicates the programs American Latino TV and LatiNation.

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LATV Expands Programming Lineup to Include World Wide UFO Expert Jaime Maussan