Su Hogar Sin Barreras is New Service from Lexicon Marketing Group that...

Su Hogar Sin Barreras is New Service from Lexicon Marketing Group that will Bridge the Gap in Hispanic Home Buying

Mortgage brokerage company dedicated to helping the Hispanic community overcome homeownership barriers


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–May 24, 2007– Since 1974, the direct marketing giant Lexicon Marketing has been helping its Hispanic customers achieve the American dream through their pioneering English language learning product— Inglés sin Barreras. Today, it announced the launch of its new mortgage brokerage, Su Hogar sin Barreras Mortgages, Inc., to help Hispanics realize yet another significant part of that dream.

Su Hogar sin Barreras is focused on breaking down the barriers of homeownership for the under-served and growing Hispanic community.

Dedicated to serving the Hispanic population, the Su Hogar sin Barreras team of bilingual and trustworthy professionals is committed to finding their clients the most appropriate loan program for their particular economic situation under the most favorable terms. Drawing on the extensive experience of its parent company in educating customers about credit-based transactions, Su Hogar sin Barreras’ clients can expect sound financial advice on overcoming one of the biggest obstacles to homeownership: establishing a credit history. Su Hogar sin Barreras educates potential borrowers about the home buying process by providing them with easy-to-understand information in Spanish. Its service integrates practical education and first-rate financial services by teaching consumers the importance of establishing and maintaining a good credit history in order to qualify for a loan at the most favorable rate, explaining the risks and consequences of becoming overextended and non-payment, as well as many more valuable financial literacy skills. Customers will also enjoy face-to-face communication that personalizes their experience and ensures the security and privacy of their information.

“This company was founded on the belief that by providing Hispanics with the right tools and education, they can succeed and achieve their dreams for a better future,” said Valeria Rico, President of Lexicon Marketing and Su Hogar sin Barreras. “We are pleased to be able to offer our market a trustworthy source of information and service for one of the most important decisions a Hispanic family will make.”

To help realize their goals, Su Hogar sin Barreras is teaming up with lenders such as GrupoMac, a Hispanic wholesale division of IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. (Indymac Bank(R)), to provide affordable and relevant mortgage products. Indymac Bank, the second largest independent mortgage lender in the nation, provides cost-efficient financing for the acquisition, development and improvement of single-family homes, as well as other banking products to facilitate consumers’ personal financial goals. GrupoMac will provide diverse loan products and comprehensive service to mortgage brokers and emerging bankers serving 31 million Spanish speaking U.S. residents.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Indymac Bank, our commitment to brokers and emerging bankers who serve Hispanic communities will be second to none, and we are dedicated to providing the right products and services to make their business a success,” said Mark Mozilo, chief executive officer of GrupoMac at Indymac Bank.

Unlike many other mortgage businesses today, Su Hogar sin Barreras takes pride in building lasting relationships with their customers. Long after the loan is closed and the clients have moved into their new home, Su Hogar sin Barreras continues to support their lives with innovative products and services from Lexicon Marketing to meet their clients’ growing and changing needs.

Su Hogar sin Barreras is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, call Karissa Price, (323) 782-7543.

About Lexicon Marketing

Lexicon Marketing Group is the developer and marketer of Inglés sin Barreras, the world’s best selling video-based English learning program. Inglés sin Barreras is Spanish for “English without Barriers” which summarizes our approach to the Hispanic market. Our mission is to enrich the lives of Hispanic families by offering opportunities in the areas of education, well-being and financial prosperity. Our current product and service portfolio includes: Disney’s World of English, a children’s literacy and English language course; Olympia Housewares, Bienestar sin Barreras, a healthy, cookware system that comes with an educational course on wellness; Computación sin Barreras, a computer learning course that is sold along with a computer; Viva sin Barreras, a 32-page catalog of products to enhance the lives of Hispanic families; Seguros sin Barreras, offering quality insurance products; and now Su Hogar sin Barreras, dedicated to helping Hispanic families purchase and keep their homes. Today, Lexicon continues to eliminate barriers and contribute to the advancement and achievement of Hispanics in the United States and abroad both through our businesses as well as through our non-profit foundation, the Sin Barreras Foundation. For more information about Lexicon visit

About Indymac Bank

IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: IMB) (Indymac(R)) is the holding company for IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. (Indymac Bank(R)), the 7th largest savings and loan and the 2nd largest independent mortgage lender in the nation. Indymac Bank, operating as a hybrid thrift/mortgage banker, provides cost-efficient financing for the acquisition, development, and improvement of single-family homes. Indymac also provides financing secured by single-family homes and other banking products to facilitate consumers’ personal financial goals.

With an increased focus on building customer relationships and a valuable consumer franchise, Indymac is committed to becoming a top five mortgage lender in the U.S. by 2011, with a long-term goal of providing returns on equity of 15 percent or greater. The company is dedicated to continually raising expectations and conducting itself with the highest level of ethics.

Su Hogar Sin Barreras is New Service from Lexicon Marketing Group that will Bridge the Gap in Hispanic Home Buying