Clean, Green and Convenient: New Festival and Pinalen Household Cleaning Pouches Save...

Clean, Green and Convenient: New Festival and Pinalen Household Cleaning Pouches Save Time, Space and the Planet

Innovative new Drop & Clean pouches available exclusively on shelves at Wal-Mart


Houston, TX–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 24, 2007–Household cleaning leader AlEn USA today introduces the latest advancement in household cleaning products with its innovative Drop & Clean ‘zero waste’ product. The first major innovation in household cleaner packaging since the introduction of the plastic bottle, Drop & Clean packs all the power and well-known scent of Festival and Pinalen in a concentrated, pre-measured, water-soluble pouch – taking convenient cleaning to a whole new level. With less packaging than a traditional bottle of household cleaner, Drop & Clean it is also good for the environment.

Drop & Clean, the only product of its kind in the household cleaning sector, is expected to hit shelves at approximately 1,200 Wal-Mart’s throughout the United States the week of August 6th. This product, from AlEn USA, proactively contributes to Wal-Mart’s goal of cutting packaging on products in its stores 5% by 2013. According to Wal-Mart, the overall result of this campaign, called Sustainability 360, will be equal to removing 213,000 trucks from the road, and saving approximately 324,000 tons of coal and 67 million gallons of diesel fuel per year.

“Consumers can just drop the environmentally friendly pouch into water and watch it dissolve before their eyes,” said Pedro Somarriba, Senior Vice-President of Sales. “Small package dimensions and light weight make this the perfect product for the environmentally-conscious consumer, elderly consumers, those with limited cabinet space and arthritics who have difficulty with the traditional bottle top.”

The new Drop & Clean pouches come filled with concentrated versions of either Festival in a lavender scent, or Pinalen, in the traditional pine scent. Both cleaners virtually eliminate the need for any other individual cleaning products and can be used to clean floors, kitchen counter tops and toilets – deodorizing and cleaning even the dirtiest of areas.

According to The Soap and Detergent Association, concentrated products “represent another example of how the cleaning product industry is living out its commitment to deliver valuable products to consumers while reducing their environmental impact. These practices help sustain our environment for future generations.”

About the Drop & Clean Products

Festival is an all-purpose liquid cleaner with a well-known aroma that restores shine as it cleans. It is ideal for daily cleaning all around your home with a wide variety of applications and a long-lasting scent.

Pinalen is the multi-purpose liquid cleaner made with the finest pine oil, which cleans, deodorizes and removes stains all in one. It has more than 50 years of history successfully cleaning homes and satisfying the most demanding cleaning needs generation after generation.

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About AlEn USA

AlEn USA is the North American subsidiary of one of the most recognized companies in the household cleaning products category in Mexico: Industrias AlEn. Since its beginning in 1949, Industrias AlEn has pioneered the development of well-known consumer brands that have been able to breed strong heritage in the Mexican market. Brands such as Cloralex (the #1 bleach in Mexico) and Pinol (the #1 Heavy Duty cleaner in Mexico) were the first products in its class to hit the Mexican market and have been able to sustain relevance and leadership after 50 years. Twenty-five years ago, the company began exporting its leading brands such as Cloralex, Festival, and Pinalen, to the United States. Based out of Houston, its U.S. operations have expanded with distributions centers all across the nation to meet increasing consumer demand. Now, with more than 3,000 employees, five manufacturing plants, a product catalog of over 500 sku’s and an overall market leadership, Industrias AlEn continues to grow in the North American market, with particular focus on the growing Hispanic population.

Clean, Green and Convenient: New Festival and Pinalen Household Cleaning Pouches Save Time, Space and the Planet