Lopez Negrete Communications Wins A Sixth Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Award

Lopez Negrete Communications Wins A Sixth Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Award


HOUSTON, April 13, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc., the nation’s largest independent Hispanic owned and operated full-service advertising agency, won the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) 2017 Silver David Ogilvy Award in the New Audiences category for its “Hispanic ‘Wonder Every Day'” campaign, created for client Walmart.

The ARF David Ogilvy Award New Audiences category recognizes work that demonstrates how insights that go beyond traditional targeting and demographics impacted a business and/or inspired great creative. In this case the “Hispanic ‘Wonder Every Day'” campaign exceeded in both.

“Success marketing to diverse audiences in today’s environment requires a true and deep grasp of the insights that drive not just opinion, but behavior. While the mainstream has become increasingly diverse, the individual segments, of which Hispanic is the leading one, are seeking those cues and communications elements that make the work resonate above the rest. It is this competency that makes me so proud of this team – going above and beyond time and again to deliver on our clients’ strategic goals by applying consumer insights to creative product that brings measurable results,” said Alex López Negrete, president and CEO of Lopez Negrete Communications.

The winning campaign covered four holiday-season milestones founded upon rich Hispanic insights:

  • Thanksgiving – “The Origin
    • In the TV spot, mom reflects on the Thanksgiving story and sees the connection with Hispanic families who left everything behind in search of progress and a better life. Additionally, online videos gave moms new Thanksgiving recipes that were better suited for Hispanic tastes.
  • Black Friday –  “Tons of Gifts
    • Eugenio Derbez, a famous Latino comedian, was used to convey the message of Walmart having crazy good deals in a humorous and unforgettable way.
  • Holiday Gifting – “Ride in the Moment
    • The focus was on what the consumer wants the most – the gift beyond the gift – and creating special moments to spend more quality time together. The viewer was engaged by building intrigue that culminated in a delightful father-and-son connection that tugged at Hispanic heartstrings.
  • Holiday Meals –  “Cooking the Moment
    • Replicating the family’s exact traditional Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) meal is how mom keeps reliving her magical childhood Christmas memories.

This is the sixth ARF David Ogilvy Award Lopez Negrete Communications has earned.

Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. specializes in providing marketing services to corporations wishing to reach and engage with the Hispanic marketplace in America, and stands as the largest Hispanic, independently owned and operated, full-service agency in the United States.


Lopez Negrete Communications Wins A Sixth Advertising Research Foundation David Ogilvy Award