Real Christmas Trees Offer an Affordable Way to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Real Christmas Trees Offer an Affordable Way to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holiday

Real, Sustainably Grown Christmas Trees Bring Nature and Tradition Into the Home


PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Well before we ever hear Christmas carols on the radio, the holiday season is in full swing for growers in the Pacific Northwest as they complete their yearly harvest of farm-grown Christmas trees.

Each year around mid-November, environmentally conscious farmers in the Pacific Northwest — which supply the majority of real Christmas trees purchased in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and other Southwestern states — will start harvesting for Christmas by selecting fresh trees that have reached maturity.

“Real Christmas trees are a 100 percent natural product grown on sustainable farms, just like produce or other crops, so they don’t threaten natural forests, which is a common misconception,” said Mike Bondi, professor and extension faculty for Oregon State University’s College of Forestry. “While growing, these trees produce oxygen, protect soil from erosion and provide a refuge for wildlife, all of which benefits the environment.”

Additionally, real Christmas trees are renewable and growers plant one or more trees to replace every tree they harvest. Christmas trees can also be recycled and turned into mulch or compost, so there is no waste to go to the landfill.

“In light of the recent tough economic times, home entertaining and time spent with the family will be the focus of many American’s holiday celebrations,” said Gayla Hansen, a grower with the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association. “A real, farm-grown Christmas tree gives families an affordable way to make their homes the center of a rich, traditional celebration of the season.”

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The Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association was established in 1955 to protect the interests of local farmers in Oregon and Washington. With membership exceeding 1,000 farms, it has grown to further develop the market for Pacific Northwest-grown trees, educate the public on aspects of the industry, practice environmental stewardship and promote the production of high-quality, marketable trees.

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Mike Bondi

SOURCE Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association

Real Christmas Trees Offer an Affordable Way to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holiday