Latinos Now Have a Place to Learn How to Make Best Use...

Latinos Now Have a Place to Learn How to Make Best Use of Personal Finance Products launches ‘Universidad Financiera’, a practical information resource on how to better manage your personal finances.


Austin, TX–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 19, 2007–When coming to the United States, because of a lack of buying power in their country of origin or due to a completely different way of conducting business, immigrants encounter a brand new set of financial situations (if not products), that could potentially drive them into bankruptcy if not handled correctly.

Add to this the predatory practices of many unscrupulous businesses and you have a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, as reported by countless media outlets, minorities and in particular Hispanics, have been heavily paying the consequences of the combination of this circumstances.

Hispanic entrepreneur Daniel Marcos, president and CEO of <a href="", strongly believes that credit should not be considered as an obstacle toward the road to success and independence, but an instrumental factor, that helps individuals achieve their goals and objectives in life.

Therefore, as part of a business that offers personal finance products to Latinos, (mortgages, refinances, credit cards, auto loans, student consolidation loans, credit reports, debt consolidation and auto insurance among others) is building the largest collection of personal finance articles in Spanish, which soon will be available in English as well. The articles were thought out specifically with the immigrant worldview in mind; taking into consideration situations that the average American wouldn’t need to address because of inherently being aware of them, or just aren’t part of their reality, i.e. obtaining financial products or services using a ITIN.

When visitors to reach the <a href=""Universidad Financiera (Financial University), they encounter practical, concise, and extremely useful articles addressing, in layman’s terms, important issues like:

— What are the advantages of buying a home?

— What do banks evaluate in order to approve a mortgage loan?

— Do you need a Social Security Number to buy a house?

— What questions to ask in the process of applying for an auto loan?

— Does debt consolidation damage my credit report?

— How much auto insurance do you need?

Taking advantage of current technology, not only presents articles, but shares videos where people can listen to the answers of some of the most common personal finance questions among Hispanics.

Before there was no one-stop online destination for Hispanics to access personal finance educational resources along with direct access to the financial products they needed. is a socially responsible website that actively helps the Hispanic community take a piece of the financial services action in the U.S.

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Latinos Now Have a Place to Learn How to Make Best Use of Personal Finance Products