All I Want For Christmas…Milton Bradley’s MY FIRST GAMES Provide Fun Learning...

All I Want For Christmas…Milton Bradley’s MY FIRST GAMES Provide Fun Learning and Memories to Families Throughout the Holiday Season


EAST LONGMEADOW, MA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–November 24, 2003–There are many “firsts” in the life of a preschooler: the first play date, the first day at preschool, first friends, and of course, first games. What better time to introduce your preschooler to his or her first game than during the holidays – as families gather and take time out of their busy lives to spend quality time together. Board games create wonderful memories and traditions that can last a lifetime.

As a gift or a holiday activity, board games encourage family members to spend time together talking, sharing and creating holiday traditions and memories that can last a lifetime. Some familiar favorites from the MY FIRST GAMES line include CANDY LAND, CHUTES AND LADDERS, HI-HO CHERRY-O and MEMORY – games parents and grandparents may even remember from their own childhood.

With MY FIRST GAMES, preschoolers learn important “first” skills such as sharing, taking turns, patience, concentration, listening and more. During his or her preschool years, a child is faced with so much to learn from reading and writing, to interacting with fellow classmates and following instructions. While parents and teachers often rely on flashcards and workbooks to teach basic skills, board games offer an interactive experience that teaches children how to cooperate with others while having fun. Since the strong development of social skills are important to help a child become a well-rounded, self confident individual, this holiday season MILTON BRADLEY is committed to helping families make an easy transition to kindergarten for both the child and parent through the active participation in board games.

During game play the social interaction experienced is instrumental in helping develop these “first” skills. By providing a wonderful environment for quality time between the child, parents and grandparents they will get to experience a holiday season like no other.

“Within the security of family, early games instill essential skills a growing child needs to interact and succeed in his or her world,” says Dr. Susan Newman, parenting expert and author of Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day. “Playing games teaches a young child about going first or last, waiting for one’s turn, being fair, and winning and losing–knowledge that cannot be taught in traditional ways. Beyond helping to prepare a child for school, board games allow parents to see how their child’s mind works and delight in that child’s mastery of “first” skills. Accomplishments are usually greatest when pressure is low and the fun level is high,” notes Dr. Newman.

Classic MY FIRST GAMES such as CANDY LAND(R) , HI-HO CHERRY-O(R), MEMORY(R) and CHUTES AND LADDERS offer familiar play for both children and adults.

In 2003, CHUTES AND LADDES climbs closer to the top, reaching a milestone –its 60th anniversary! “It is always exciting to celebrate an anniversary of a game with such a rich history,” said Mark Stark, vice president of marketing, Hasbro Games. “It is a game that is a memorable part of childhood for many. Because it holds a special place in many parents and grandparents’ hearts, it is a game they are excited and confident to share with their children.”

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All I Want For Christmas…Milton Bradley’s MY FIRST GAMES Provide Fun Learning and Memories to Families Throughout the Holiday Season