Texas Homeowners Cut Their Energy Consumption by Counting Kilowatts

Texas Homeowners Cut Their Energy Consumption by Counting Kilowatts

First Choice Power Delivers Energy Solution that Helps Customers Save Money


IRVING, Texas, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Imagine a high-tech box installed at your home with the “smarts” to show exactly how much energy you’re using every single day. This kilowatt-counting technology is better known to Texans as the Advanced Metering System (AMS), or “smart meter,” which is now being installed at every home serviced by Oncor Electric Delivery and CenterPoint Energy. The sleek meters track every kilowatt-hour (kWh) used by homeowners, empowering Texans to better control their personal energy consumption and lower their bills. First Choice Power, a retail energy provider, leverages the AMS technology even further with digital messages sent daily or weekly to update customers on their energy use and respective account balances.

To date, Oncor and CenterPoint have installed more than 1.7 million smart meters across Texas. These two companies plan to install an additional 3.2 million throughout the state by the end of 2013. Smart meters electronically track and transmit electricity usage throughout the day compared to traditional rotary dial meters that need to be read monthly.

“It’s a technology that gives Texans a lot more information about their consumption habits,” says Brian Hayduk, president of Irving-based First Choice Power. “We want our customers to understand as much as possible about their electricity footprint so that they can be better stewards of the power grid and save money.”

First Choice Power allows customers with smart meter technology the option of receiving daily text messages or e-mails with usage and account balance updates. The service is part of a prepaid energy plan called Control First™. Customers can even watch the numbers roll first-hand if they choose to step outside their homes and see the smart meters in action. Either way, Hayduk said studies have shown that homeowners who tap the smart meter technology are controlling their home energy usage and saving as much as 10 percent to 15 percent each month.

“It’s similar to losing weight by counting calories,” Hayduk said. “The more you know, the better decisions you make.”

The Control First™ service also allows new customers to sign up for service with no deposit, no credit check, and no contract. Homeowners can decide precisely how much and when they will pay the company; and that amount is automatically credited to their account. There is no monthly customer charge and no payment charges for credit or debit card payments either.

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Texas Homeowners Cut Their Energy Consumption by Counting Kilowatts