U.S. and Mexican Postal Agencies Sign Agreement to Improve Cross-Border Mail Services

U.S. and Mexican Postal Agencies Sign Agreement to Improve Cross-Border Mail Services


Mexico City, Mexico–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 15, 2007–The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the Servicio Postal Mexicano (SEPOMEX) have signed an agreement to improve mail services between the United States and Mexico.

USPS has agreed to assist SEPOMEX in efforts to transform its management structure and processes and re-engineer its operations. SEPOMEX has agreed to collaborate with USPS in exploring and developing joint business opportunities and improving cross-border services.

“USPS and SEPOMEX are very pleased with the agreement,” said Paul Vogel, USPS managing director of Global Business and senior vice president. “It sets a framework for us to work more closely together, collaborating on improvements that will benefit customers in both of our countries.”

“This agreement is the basis for permanent cooperation between SEPOMEX and the U.S. Postal Service,” said SEPOMEX Director General Lic. Purificación Carpinteyro Calderón. “It will guide us as we seek to establish a seamless distribution network on both sides of the border that will trigger stronger commercial exchange between our two countries.”

USPS will draw on its own transformation experience in assisting SEPOMEX. Since embarking on strategic transformation in 2002, the agency has taken an average of $1 billion out of its cost base annually — while making productivity gains and achieving continuous service improvement each year as well.

The two agencies will form a Joint Service Improvement and Business Development Team to pursue initiatives in international express mail service, air mail parcels and package services.

Another key component of the agreement is collaboration to develop enhanced security procedures for all mail products. USPS has agreed to support SEPOMEX in developing its own postal inspection group, including the selection, hiring and training of postal inspectors.

“Our countries have a long and rich tradition of mutual aid and cooperation,” said Alexander Lazaroff, chief postal inspector of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. “This agreement will promote the integrity of both of our postal systems and result in improved security and better service on both sides of the border.”

USPS and SEPOMEX also will establish a joint work group to improve customs clearance procedures.

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U.S. and Mexican Postal Agencies Sign Agreement to Improve Cross-Border Mail Services