Low.com Launches LiveChat and Spanish Consumer Web Site

Low.com Launches LiveChat and Spanish Consumer Web Site

New Offerings Broaden Customer Base and Enhance Online Experience


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–October 24, 2006–Low.com, a leading consumer financial portal, today announced the launch of two new offerings–a fully-developed Spanish-language Web site and a real-time, Web-based customer support chat interface called LiveChat. Both features are targeted at improving the number of potential consumers who search for home buying information online.

Low.com developed a Spanish version of its consumer Web site to reach the growing number of Hispanic consumers who use the Internet. The new site (http://www.low.com/espanol) provides Spanish-speaking consumers with access to the same resources and lenders as found on the English site.

Commenting on the launch of the Spanish site, Fred Hsu, President of Low.com, said, “The Hispanic market is among the fastest-growing segments for mortgage loans. According to Harvard University’s The State of the Nation’s Housing 2006, growth in the number of Hispanic households over the next 10 years could exceed the 4.7 million increase projected for non-Hispanic whites. The children of these immigrants represent the largest growing segment of the middle market for housing. Creating a site that caters to Spanish-speaking consumers is a natural progression for Low.com as our goal is to provide information to a broad range of potential homeowners and connect motivated consumers to our network of mortgage lenders.”

The Company is also introducing a new real-time chat feature called LiveChat on its primary site (http://www.low.com). The chat interface enables consumers to interact with a live customer support specialist to ask questions about using the Web site and filling out the application form. LiveChat is currently being offered during peak site traffic hours. There are plans to increase availability according to consumer usage activity. During off-peak hours, visitors will have the option to submit their questions via an e-mail form.

“While consumers have become more savvy about using the Internet, many are still very cautious about submitting their sensitive personal information electronically,” said Hsu. “We see a number of visitors begin an application only to abandon it halfway through the process. LiveChat is a way for us to help our customers by addressing our site visitors’ concerns. We walk them through the application process in real-time. By providing consumers with a way to ask questions and receive answers on the spot, we believe that they will be more comfortable with completing an online application. We want to enhance the user experience and educate our Web site visitors.”

About Low.com

Low.com is a leading consumer financial portal committed to connecting motivated borrowers to its network of mortgage lenders. Low.com is a part of Oversee.net, a technology-driven media company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. To learn more, visit http://www.low.com and http://www.oversee.net.

Low.com Launches LiveChat and Spanish Consumer Web Site