¡Más Vale CRANIUM en Mano Que Mil Volando!

¡Más Vale CRANIUM en Mano Que Mil Volando!

Cranium(R) Latin American Edition Celebrates Latin American Culture with Something for Everyone


Seattle, WA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–January 25, 2006–Can your best friend imitate La Chilindrina? Spell guanábana backwards? And do you know what Mafalda’s little brother’s name is? Cranium Edición Latinoamericana has something for everyone in the Americas and is now available to everyone. Cranium, Inc. announced distribution agreements with Toys “R” Us in southern Florida and KB Toys in Puerto Rico for the new Latin American edition of its smash hit party game. The game is already available at www.cranium.com/espanol and will also be sold at select retailers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

“Toys ‘R’ Us is pleased to offer a broad assortment of Cranium’s unique games for families,” said Jill Hall, buyer, Toys “R” Us. “Their highly creative game concepts allow families to spend hours of fun-filled time together where, as Cranium promises, Everyone Shines.” Toys “R” Us stores in southern Florida will also carry Spanish-language versions of Cranium Cadoo(R) and Cranium Conga(R).

Fueled by a passionate Craniac following, Cranium Edición Latinoamericana is already inspiring outrageously fun parties in Latino homes throughout the Americas and was recently declared a favorite by Kathleen Herles, voice of Dora the Explorer. Said Herles, “I was so excited to find out about Cranium [Edición] Latinoamericana because I play the English version all the time with my friends, and now I can play it with my abuelita, too!”

According to Cranium President Christina DeRosa, “The magic of Cranium Edición Latinoamericana doesn’t come just from the culturally rich content, but from the connections it allows families throughout the Americas to create. Whether it’s your best friend sculpting a trompeta out of Cranium Clay(R) or your abuelita imitating Cantinflas, this game brings Latinos from Argentina to Mexico to the United States together to honor their roots and unique heritage at home in a way that lets every player shine.”

Cranium, Inc. crafts its smash hit Cranium party game to be an outrageously fun experience for players worldwide in part by staying true to one of its core corporate values: delight customers at every opportunity. With its international editions, this means celebrating cultural touchstones by using a team of experts from the countries in question to write, edit and play test activities.

As a result, the Cranium U.K. edition asks players to sculpt “beans on toast,” while the German edition has them act out an “Elephant Wedding.” In Canada, Cranium’s largest market outside the U.S., the Cranium Canadian edition asks players to guess the origin of the word toque, while the Quebec edition puts a unique Quebecois spin on activities, getting players to sculpt the local dish of poutine. The effect is overwhelmingly positive in every market Cranium enters, spawning an incredibly loyal and passionate following on every continent.

The key to creating a passionate Hispanic following was celebrating those types of unique cultural touchstones from the Americas. Cranium did this by gathering a team of reviewers, writers, anthropologists, translators, producers, editors and journalists in Latin America (representing countries like Chile, Venezuela and Mexico) and conducting play tests in these same markets to make sure the questions crossed cultural and geographic lines. Sample activities include:

— Gato Creativo(TM): Sketch aguafiestas, sculpt emapandas with Cranium Clay and even draw “Corazón Espinado” with your eyes closed.

— Dato Nauta(TM): Test your knowledge of uncommon info by tickling your brain with challenging multiple-choice questions and provocative true/false queries, such as, true or false: the Amazon is the longest river in the world.

— Star Estelar(TM): Imitate celebrities like Shakira and La Chilindrina. Sing or hum songs like “Guantanamera” and “A Dios le Pido.”

— Lombri Letras(TM): Spell words like guanábana backwards and decipher anagrams using sports heroes such as Diego Armando Maradona.

In order to truly offer something for everyone, Cranium also has Spanish language versions of four other Cranium games for kids and families. Those games are available at http://www.cranium.com/espanol and include:

For Kids:

— Cranium Balloon Lagoon(TM): Balloon Lagoon brings home all the fun of a day at the carnival with colorful illustrations and carnival-themed games in an immersive 3-D environment. More fun than a ride on the tilt-a-whirl, Balloon Lagoon allows children to show off their talents as they complete four activities while the merry-go-round music plays.

— Cranium Cadoo(R): A winner of the Toy Industry Association’s 2002 Game of the Year award, Cranium Cadoo celebrates the can-do in every kid. Cadoo gets kids doing amazing things, like sculpting a giraffe out of Cranium Clay, cracking codes and even reciting the alphabet while balancing something on their head.

For Families:

— Cranium Conga(R): Cranium Conga is the fast-paced guessing game ideal for family game nights. Conga will get Mom, Dad, kids and even grandparents guessing each other’s answers to outrageously fun questions—with hilarious results.

— Cranium Zigity(TM): Cranium makes cards clearly cool with Zigity, the outrageously fun family card game full of surprises. Zigity gets players matching, adding, spelling and finding missing puzzle pieces as they scramble to win. Perfect for pockets and backpacks, Cranium Zigity is just the thing for a quick burst of family fun on a trip or whenever anyone has a little extra time.

Cranium supports its Latin American and Spanish-language games with their own presence on the Cranium web site. Cranium also recently launched an online advertising campaign, titled Ahora Cranium con sabor Latino (And now Cranium with a Latin flavor) on the two largest Spanish online portals, Univision.com and Terra.com.

About Cranium, Inc.

From the simple belief that Everyone Shines(TM) came the original game Cranium, which quickly became the fastest-selling independent board game in history. Today, Cranium, Inc. fuels a worldwide phenomenon celebrated by millions of Craniacs in 30 countries and 10 languages, with 13 outrageously fun experiences for kids and grown-ups of all ages. Founded in 1998, Cranium is widely recognized for its innovation. The company’s accomplishments include more than 13 million games sold and nearly 85 industry awards. Cranium is the only company ever to receive three consecutive Toy Industry Association Game of the Year awards. From the 5-year-old shouting “I did it!” to the in-laws high-fiving, to old and new friends laughing together, Cranium brings fun moments and memories to life so that Everyone Shines.

For more information, visit us at http://www.cranium.com.

¡Más Vale CRANIUM en Mano Que Mil Volando!