MASECA(R) Celebrates MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS With The 100th Celebrity

MASECA gives back to the Hispanic community via television segments


SAN ANTONIO, April 29 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — In light of current economic conditions facing households across the country, MASECA(R) launched a significant community outreach campaign in 2009 – “MASECA(R) A TU LADO/ MASECA(R) AT YOUR SIDE” — using Univision’s Despierta America “MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS” segments as a vehicle to give back to the Hispanic community. In addition to cooking up delicious dishes with their favorite celebrities, the segment features consumers such as scholarships and debt relief payments.

MASECA(R), the largest corn flour producer in the world, celebrated the success of the outreach campaign with the arrival of Latin Grammy-winning singer David Bisbal, the 100th guest on “MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS.” Maseca and show producer, Hispano USA, highlighted the impact of the “A TU LADO” campaign at a news conference this week. The celebration featured Bisbal, MASECA(R) and Hispano USA representatives, well-known celebrities and winners from the past three seasons. Bisbal’s segment will air on May 12th.

“MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS” is the innovative publicity concept and partnership between Maseca, Hispano USA and Univison that began in 2007 and is now in its third year. The eight-minute segment is broadcast every Thursday during the morning program with the highest ratings in Spanish television: Despierta America.

“‘MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS’ consists of several entertaining cooking segments in which renowned celebrities prepare a delicious recipe with MASECA(R) while they talk about their projects, delight us with their music, and amuse us with their humor,” said Javier Galindo, President and CEO of Hispano USA.

Featuring such famous guest celebrities as Enrique Iglesias, Adela Noriega, Camila, Jose Jose, Alejandra Guzman, Cristian Castro, Luis Fonsi, Jaime Camil, El Gordo y La Flaca, and others, these successful segments have been the window through which MASECA(R) has offered several promotions directed to aid its consumers. In 2007 and 2008, through a recipe contest, MASECA(R) showed the great variety of dishes that can be prepared using their product. Participants were granted the opportunity to take an unforgettable trip to Miami and compete live in the finals during Despierta America for prizes worth up to $10,000 dollars in cash.

“In 2009, with the third season of “MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS” and due to the difficult situation that millions of Hispanics are facing, we wanted to create a unique supportive campaign,” said Alberto Gonzalez, GRUMA’s (MASECA(R) Group) Marketing VP. “We were able to leverage the artists we bring in each week to reach out to the community in a big way, and we look forward to helping even more people as we continue “MASECA(R) A TU LADO” throughout the year.”

Never before has a Hispanic brand been able to stand by their consumers’ side using a campaign featuring 100 of their most beloved celebrities. The campaign aims to provide more than $150,000 dollars this year in aid to families in need.

To thank and commemorate the host city of San Antonio for the production: “MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS”, MASECA(R) donated $2,500 dollars to the San Antonio Public Library to fund literacy programs in the community.

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MASECA(R) Celebrates MASECA(R) EN LA COCINA CON LAS ESTRELLAS With The 100th Celebrity