McDonald’s(R) Premium Roast Coffee Serves 500 Million Strong

McDonald’s(R) Premium Roast Coffee Serves 500 Million Strong

As National Coffee Association of USA Survey Shows a Rise in U.S. Consumption Trends, McDonald’s Continues Perking Up Breakfast Latino roaster, F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. is one of McDonald’s major coffee suppliers


Oak Brook, IL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–March 7, 2006–Each year, approximately 108 million Americans spend more than $19 billion on coffee. McDonald’s, which sells nearly 1 out of every 10 cups of coffee purchased outside the home in the U.S.,(1) offers customers a bold, rich flavor with its Premium Roast Coffee available in more than 13,700 restaurants nationwide.

As a major contributor to the food-service industry’s role in coffee sales, McDonald’s serves more than 500 million cups of coffee each year within its U.S. restaurants.

The National Coffee Association of USA’s (NCA) annual trends report revealed overall coffee consumption in the U.S. is on the rise. The survey found that the amount of daily coffee drinkers increased from 49 percent in 2004 to 53 percent in 2005, with 87 percent reported drinking coffee for breakfast.

“McDonald’s has long been a destination for customers seeking great tasting, breakfast menu choices,” said Don Thompson, McDonald’s USA chief operations officer. “With breakfast accounting for roughly two-thirds of all the coffee consumed throughout the day, McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee offers our customers their favorite breakfast and a premium coffee all in one place.”

Coffee is the world’s oldest and second-most traded commodity (behind petroleum). With a global coffee retail market that generates $70 billion annually, the U.S. is the largest consumer of coffee in the world, boasting nearly 167 million coffee drinkers.

Data from the NCA’s survey also reveals that, above anything else, U.S. coffee drinkers identify taste as their No. 1 criteria. In fact, the use of sugars and artificial sweeteners is down from 37 percent in 2004 to 34 percent in 2005 and the number of coffee drinkers who prefer their coffee “black” grew from 32 percent of total coffee drinkers in 2004 to 39 percent respectively.

“Americans are taking notice of coffee like never before — turning new attitudes into daily behaviors,” said Robert Nelson, president and chief executive officer of the NCA. “Already enjoying a wider variety of coffee options to fill new roles throughout the day, consumers now seem to be making a good thing daily.”

Recognizing consumers’ evolving tastes, McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee is a freshly brewed, exclusive blend that is whole bean roasted to create a bold, rich flavor consumer crave. F. Gavina & Sons, Inc., a McDonald’s coffee supplier, has been in business for more than 135 years and shares in McDonald’s commitment to a better breakfast.

“There are several vital processes that take place for a coffee bean to produce the type of coffee a customer will enjoy at McDonald’s,” said Leonor Gavina Valls, vice president of family-owned coffee roaster Gavina & Sons. “For McDonald’s, Gavina supplies an exclusive gourmet coffee blend made only with 100 percent Arabica beans roasted to perfection. We understand and are committed to ensuring that customers have the very best coffee experience.”

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1. excluding iced and specialty coffees

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McDonald’s(R) Premium Roast Coffee Serves 500 Million Strong