Mega TV Promises a Hot Mega Summer

Mega TV Promises a Hot Mega Summer

‘Transformaciones,’ ‘Love and Sex,’ ‘El Show Más Estúpido de la Televisión’ ‘Mega Modelos,’ and ‘El Megáfono’


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 16, 2006–Mega TV Channel 22 is the place to be this summer as it launches its new “Mega Verano” season with original programming and innovative concepts, giving audiences another reason to stay home and tune in:

“Transformaciones,” filmed in Argentina and produced by Promofilm S.A., will air from Monday through Wednesday at 9:00 p.m., beginning on Monday June 19th. Hosted by Karina Mazzoco and featuring an informative magazine format, “Transformaciones” will showcase drastic physical, spiritual, internal and external changes in ordinary people.

“Love and Sex” debuts on Monday, June 19th, at 10:30 p.m., running every Monday thereafter. This innovative television show fills a long-standing vacancy in Hispanic TV for a serious and realistic program that discusses love and relationships in an interactive format. “Love and Sex” will have interactive emails, phone calls and personal answers, touching on topics sometimes considered taboo by many.

“El Show Más Estúpido de la Television” will air on Wednesday, July 12th at 9:30 p.m. Every Wednesday viewers will be able to sit, relax, and laugh at the out–of-this-world adventures of television’s most intrepid hosts.

“Mega Modelos” is a 12-week summer contest to select six women and six men that will be featured in the Mega Modelo Calendar for 2007.

“El Megáfono” will take Miami by storm. Viewers finally have a chance to voice their opinions in sketch driven weekly vignettes during primetime. The concept is easy: have you ever wanted to confess your deepest secrets but have never been able to? “El Megáfono” will provide you with that opportunity. Stay tuned… You never know what you will hear.

“Transformaciones” will become appointment television at Mega TV. Every week viewers will be able to witness how the latest advances in medicine can make possible drastic changes in people’s appearances. The audience will be a part of the transformation, witnessing images of the before, during and post-surgery process.

Our Mega Summer programming proudly continues with “Love and Sex,” a show that offers helpful guidance on the complex topics of love, relationships and sex. The program’s host, Dr. Anagloria Mora, a recognized sex educator, speaks openly about subjects that are often considered taboo or uncomfortable to share. In addition, Samantha Love (her real name and the “love” in the title of the series) will give the audience insights into revitalizing your sex life, pleasing your partner, and obtaining information on STD’s and sexual disorders.

“El Show Más Estupido de la Televisión” hosts, brothers Eddie and Andy Blazquez, José “Pepe” Olano, J.M. Cabrera, and Elvis Perez, performing a variety of stunts and gags for the first time seen on Miami television. No one will be spared; the famous and the infamous will fall to the madcap comedy of this stupid crew. “El Show Mas Estupido de la Television” is a new alternative that stays away from melodrama and targets the up and coming native and foreign–born Hispanic youths.

In “Mega Modelos,” contestants will be between the ages of 18 and 25. The selection process will be by castings and also through audience participation. To participate: just register on our web page, , or send in your pictures via regular mail. will have a weekly segment that displays the winners.

“El Megáfono” will show how a small cabin placed strategically through South Florida can attract thousands of visitors and produce some of the funniest moments on Hispanic TV.

Do you want excitement this summer? If so, tune into Mega TV!

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Mega TV Promises a Hot Mega Summer