Hispanic Community Offered Enhanced Programming Choices

Hispanic Community Offered Enhanced Programming Choices


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–The diverse Hispanic population in the U.S. is growing by leaps and bounds. With over 42 million people, Hispanics represent 14 percent of the U.S. population. “What makes this segment so unique is their desire to preserve their cultural identity” says Mauro Panzera Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing at Comcast.

According to independent market research conducted in predominantly Hispanic-populated areas, Hispanic clients want more television viewing choices, better quality programming and value. Using this feedback, Comcast, the country’s leading cable provider, is offering new cable television programs that offer Hispanic customers the channels and video-on-demand (VOD) content they want. This means they can enjoy watching programs from their native countries, whenever they want to watch them, from the comfort of their own homes.

The launch of ON DEMAND en español, a new video-on-demand service with DVD-like functionality, now offers more Spanish language viewing choices than ever before. Customers can choose from more than 100 hours of programming anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ON DEMAND en español is available at no additional charge and is a companion VOD service that complements Comcast’s CableLatino and Selecto Hispanic line up. Three new channels are being added: Casa Club TV, Cine Mexicano and The History Channel en español. Casa Club programs range from feng shui and cooking at home with great chefs, to interior design and party planning. Cine Mexicano offers contemporary movies that are culturally appealing and commercial free. The History Channel en español programs provide enriching information about Hispanic roots and culture.

Recognizing the diversity of the Hispanic community, Comcast is one of few companies that has taken into consideration the community’s needs. Apart from recognizing the traditional Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican communities, the company realizes there is also a fast-growing presence of people from Central America, South America and the Caribbean. To better serve local markets, they’ve adapted their Hispanic programming lineup to meet customers’ preferences. For example, in Miami customers can access Caribbean-influenced programs while in Los Angeles, customers can watch Mexican network shows.

With more than three million Hispanic households in the areas it serves, Comcast offers its CableLatino and Selecto Hispanic programming packages to more than 15 national markets including Miami, San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Albuquerque Central/Northern New Jersey. Digital cable customers in most markets will have an opportunity to sample ON DEMAND en español for free until the end of 2004. Next year ON DEMAND en español will be available only to Cable Latino customers.

Only cable can offer the convenience and control of on-demand programming. Comcast is using its two-way network to offer programming that reflects the diverse interest of the growing Hispanic community in an unmatched way. Visit http://www.comcast.com.

Hispanic Community Offered Enhanced Programming Choices