MetLife Named a 2006 Best Company for Women of Color by Working...

MetLife Named a 2006 Best Company for Women of Color by Working Mother Magazine


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–May 16, 2006–MetLife has been recognized by Working Mother magazine for its efforts to advance diversity and create a multicultural and work/life friendly environment.

Working Mother has, for the first time ever, named MetLife to the magazine’s 2006 Best Companies for Women of Color list, which recognizes companies for their strong practices and leading policies for supporting African-American, Asian-American, Latina and Native-American women in the workplace. The 2006 Best Companies for Women of Color list will appear in the magazine’s June 2006 issue.

“We salute MetLife for their efforts on behalf of women of color, and for their inaugural appearance on the Best Companies list,” said Susan Lapinski, editor-in-chief of Working Mother. “It is encouraging to learn about companies, like MetLife, that are making efforts for both women of color and diversity initiatives overall.”

MetLife has implemented a number of programs in the workplace and marketplace to enable the company to further its diversity efforts. In addition to business partnerships in the industry, MetLife continues to invest in its supplier diversity program, affinity groups and specialized recruiting efforts that assure that MetLife is recognized as an employer of choice by everyone, including women, African-American, Hispanic, Chinese and South Asian individuals.

“This recognition from Working Mother is not just an honor, but an opportunity for us to feel even more proud of the programs and initiatives we have worked so hard to put in place,” said Debra J. Capolarello, senior vice president and chief talent officer. “‘People count’ is a philosophy that is deeply embedded in the culture of MetLife. We recognize that focusing on policies and practices that reinforce our commitment to diversity and support women of color are crucial if we are going to foster a lasting and sustainable culture of inclusion.”

On the work/life front, MetLife’s offerings stretch back three decades to when the company pioneered a program offering flexible starting times. Today, MetLife’s formalized flexible work arrangement program includes compressed workweeks, part-time work, job-sharing, flextime, telecommuting and Teleflex. In addition to flexible work arrangements, MetLife also offers its employees a variety of family friendly benefits, including elder-care, back-up child care and wellness incentives, as well as professional advancement and networking resources.

In 2005, MetLife was named, for the seventh consecutive year, to Working Mother magazine’s prestigious list of the “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.”

To apply for the list, companies from across the country provided Working Mother with detailed information–including the number of women of color employed and hired in 2005 and the number who hold top positions.

Founded in 1979, Working Mother magazine reaches nearly 3 million readers and is the only national magazine for career-committed mothers. Its 20-year signature initiative, Working Mother 100 Best Companies, is the most important benchmark for work/life practices in corporate America. The publication also releases the annual list of the Best Companies for Women of Color in the June issue. Working Mother is published by Working Mother Media (WMM), which also owns the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), NAFE Magazine, the annual 100 Best Companies WorkLife Congress, as well as the Best Companies for Women of Color Multicultural Conference and regional Town Halls. This year, WMM launched its Best Small Companies for Working Mothers initiative.

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MetLife Named a 2006 Best Company for Women of Color by Working Mother Magazine