Mexican American Professionals Finally Have an Online Home

Mexican American Professionals Finally Have an Online Home

Mexican American Pro Archives website,, is dedicated to sharing articles and pertinent information on 'the silent minority.'


SAN FRANCISCO, May 19 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Lack of centralized information on “the silent minority” inspired Humberto Gutierrez to establish as a resource dedicated to tracking the progress of Mexican American Professionals.

The website includes original content from Mr. Gutierrez, a Mexican American writer and educator, who encourages readers to post information relevant to the topic. Gutierrez “hopes the site will become an archive and resource of information to facilitate the distribution of information which impacts Mexican American Professionals.”

Gutierrez stresses that there is a significant lack of research on the Mexican American Professional demographic. He came to this realization after an unsuccessful attempt to find reliable information on the topic.

Gutierrez’s quest for information prompted “The Silent Minority: Mexican American Professionals…” The article, published in The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education on July 28, 2003, discusses the lack of reliable data on Mexican American Professionals.

Since publishing the article, Gutierrez has acquired updated information. Latest numbers from the Census Bureau’s 2007 American Community Survey show that Mexican American college graduates are greatly underrepresented when compared to other Hispanics.

Mexican Americans have and are still relegated to tired stereotypes of drug traffickers and service workers. The Mexican American community numbers close to 30 million, 10% of our total population. The Mexican American Community is represented by a wide variety of persons including professionals. As a group, Mexican American professionals have been largely ignored by the news media. Recent numbers show that Mexican American College graduates represent only 6.2 % of their total population. This compares with 29.4% for Non-Hispanic graduates.

Mexican Americans are the lowest in educational attainment among Hispanics. Compared with other Foreign Born groups, Mexican Americans do even worse. For example, college graduates from Mexico represent 5.2% of their total population. In comparison, Indian college graduates have a 74.1% representation.


Mexican American Pro Archives ( is dedicated to archiving information about Mexican American Professionals. Creator and administrator Humberto Gutierrez was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and relocated to the United States as a teenager. Gutierrez has been an educator and writer for over 35 years. Please contact to request more information.

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Mexican American Professionals Finally Have an Online Home