Mi Apogeo.com Breaks Ground With New Online Community and Collaborative Content Site...

Mi Apogeo.com Breaks Ground With New Online Community and Collaborative Content Site for Bicultural Latinos

New site offers Latino users and advertisers a pioneering hybrid model - collaborative editorial content, social networking tools, and WikiLatino(R), the first ever Latino 'wikipedia.'


NEW YORK, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Filling a void in the marketplace for online media options targeting U.S.-raised, second- and third-generation U.S. Latinos, Mi Apogeo, Inc. is pioneering a new consumer experience for U.S. Latinos with the launch of MiApogeo.com — an English-language social, lifestyle and entertainment website that, in addition to culturally relevant editorial, also provides social networking tools as well as “WikiLatino(R)” the first ever wiki dedicated exclusively to all things Latino.

“The goal of Mi Apogeo is to engage our users in building a culturally relevant, or ‘affinity,’ site that celebrates and promotes our success and contributions as American Latinos. We are a 100% Latino-owned and operated company, so we have a deep-rooted commitment to building a space for our users to meet, share and be published. Our site is truly by and for our audience, and features our users as the ‘Estrellas,’ or ‘stars,’ of the site,” explained Founder and CEO Rosa Alonso.

Mi Apogeo (pronounced “mee- a-po-hae-o,” translated from Spanish as “my apogee,” or “my apex”) is an affirmation of the power of two cultures — American and Latino — and the influences that have converged to create the current U.S. Latino culture. “We like to call this ‘transculturation.’ We didn’t assimilate and we have moved beyond acculturation. We have created a new and distinct Latino culture that has fused elements of our experiences, as Latinos, as Americans and as citizens of the world. Mi Apogeo celebrates this new reality,” emphasized Ms. Alonso.

Already growing in popularity with the Latino segment, Mi Apogeo.com features:

— Entertainment, lifestyle, politics and community content — over 25 sub channels featuring original articles and content from users as well as Mi Apogeo team editorial.

— “Estrellas” — our featured “stars” section that recognizes and celebrates the contributions that individual Latinos are making in every facet of our society.

— Social networking and UGC tools with robust profile and media customization capabilities

— The first and only WikiLatino(R) — the world’s first user-directed U.S. Latino wiki.

With the bicultural Latino segment continuing to grow rapidly, studies show it is quickly representing a significant percentage of the U.S. Hispanic online population. Research continually points to these consumers as younger and having higher degrees of acculturation than their foreign-born parents. English is their preferred language online. “Until now there have been few online media options for Latinos outside of traditional Spanish-language sites and, most recently, teen-focused Latin music brands. Mi Apogeo.com’s mission is to offer bicultural Latinos of all ages a platform, in English, in which they can interact with each other, and be engaged on a wide range of culturally relevant topics. Our goal is to be truly reflective of the U.S. Latino experience,” added Willie Arredondo, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer.

Mi Apogeo offers consumers and advertisers a strong value proposition because it provides both cutting-edge technology and user functionalities as well as an environment created specifically for bicultural Latinos. From an advertiser’s perspective, Mi Apogeo is evolving as a matchmaker between the brands and consumers. One such union is the partnership with Virgin Mobile, one of the leading wireless brands in the U.S. Virgin Mobile recognized early on Mi Apogeo’s value in serving this untapped segment of the market and signed on as Mi Apogeo’s official beta launch partner in February 2008.

Kevin Jordan, SVP of Sales adds: “We reach and engage an audience that is self-expressive, educated, and tech-savvy, with a high degree of connectivity to friends and family. Mi Apogeo tailors culturally relevant programs for our client’s initiatives beyond banners and buttons. We’re offering various engagement vehicles such as exclusive content integration, and premium placement at various touch points throughout the site.”

About Mi Apogeo, Inc.:

Mi Apogeo, Incorporated, is a media and entertainment company specializing in interactive content and online social experiences for the growing bicultural U.S. Latino segment. Mi Apogeo.com is the first online media platform of its kind for U.S. raised, second- and third-generation consumers. It offers interactive social networking tools, rich multimedia and collaborative content as well “WikiLatino(R),” the first wiki dedicated to U.S. Latino culture. Mi Apogeo.com is a highly targeted affinity site that serves the U.S. Latino bicultural demographic, in English, the preferred language of this segment online. We are a key partner for advertisers and organizations seeking to reach, engage and impassion this consumer in a environment that truly reflects and celebrates the American Latino experience: Mi Apogeo — My Latino Voice”

MiApogeo.com is a trademark of Mi Apogeo, Inc.

Mi Apogeo.com Breaks Ground With New Online Community and Collaborative Content Site for Bicultural Latinos