Mi Todobebe is Born!

Mi Todobebe is Born!

Todobebe Kicks Off Its 9th Year on the Web with the Launch of the First Social Networking Site for Spanish Speaking Families Expecting and Raising Children


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–October 25, 2007–Todobebe Inc, a leading multimedia company dedicated to the adventures of parenting, announces the launch of Mi Todobebe, (http://www.mitodobebe.com), a social networking site specifically tailored to connect Spanish speaking families who are planning, expecting, and raising children.

Mi Todobebe marks another industry first for Todobebe, which made history in 1999 when it launched the first global parenting website for Spanish speakers worldwide. The expansion of its online platforms to include an advanced social networking site was a natural next step. The spark initially came from members of its online forum community, who shared that they wished they had a place in Spanish where they could personalize their own pages, upload photos, and invite their friends and family every day nearby and far away to view and to share in the joy of their children’s first smiles, tooth, steps, days of school.

Mi Todobebe does just that – it allows families to create their own personal profile pages where they can publish photos and videos of their pregnancy and children, create blogs on their personal pages and invite friends and loved ones to participate. They can also meet other members and via invitation make new friends living through similar experiences. Mi Todobebe allows members the ability to control their level of privacy, approving who can view their profile page and to what extent they wish to communicate with other members.

The free membership to Mi Todobebe also allows access to the rest of Todobebe’s online tools such as expert tips, personalized pregnancy and child development newsletters, baby name finder, ovulation calendar, and forums and provides yet another entry point for consumers to interact and connect with the rich content that Todobebe provides.

“Todobebe has earned the trust of Spanish speaking families over almost a decade,” said Jeannette Kaplun, Editor in Chief, host and founder of Todobebe. “They know us from our book, our TV show, radio, events, and our website, and they share with us their pregnancy photos, the videos of their baby’s first steps and their questions about infertility, breastfeeding or raising their children.”

Mi Todobebe is not just for moms. Fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles of all ages have also joined. “This is the perfect way to unite families around the world and across generations, plus you can take advantage of all the tools and content that Todobebe has to offer, from the moment you try to get pregnant through kindergarten,” explained Ms. Kaplun.

“Mi Todobebe is just the beginning of a series of new online features, tools, events and incentives that the company is rolling out in 2008,” said Cynthia Nelson, COO of Todobebe, Inc. “Mi Todobebe and the expanding Todobebe.com platform is an exciting and growing world and truly allows advertisers the chance to connect, engage, brand, promote, and learn about Spanish speaking families within a positive, engaging, fun and relevant context.”

About Mitodobebe.com

Mitodobebe.com is a Spanish-language social networking platform dedicated to connecting families and friends in a safe, informative, and private environment. Mi Todobebe members can:

— Create personal, private, profile pages

— Post photos and family videos

— Write blogs or personal diaries

— Make friends with others sharing similar experiences

Mi Todobebe is the newest of the free Todobebe.com community tools. For more visit http://www.mitodobebe.com.

About Todobebe.com

Todobebe.com is the online platform of Todobebe Inc, the leading multimedia company dedicated to Spanish speaking families who are planning, expecting, and raising children. Todobebe.com informs and entertains with original content, exclusive videos, tips and advice from the experts, and much more. Membership is free and includes access to community tools like personal profile page, blogs, forums, photo galleries, and personalized pregnancy and child developments newsletters. For more visit http://www.todobebe.com.

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Mi Todobebe is Born!