MTV Tr3s Announces U.S. Premiere of Teen Telenovela Phenomenon Isa TKM (Te...

MTV Tr3s Announces U.S. Premiere of Teen Telenovela Phenomenon Isa TKM (Te Quiero Mucho)

Isa TKM Is the First Telenovela to Make the MTV Tr3s Program Schedule and the #1 Show in Latin America among Teens in Argentina, Brazil and MexicoThe Debut Episode of Isa TKM Will Air Monday, June 22 at 5pm EDT, With New Episodes Following Each Weekday at 5pm EDTHugely popular Isa TKM Soundtrack from Sony Music Latin Available Digitally on June 23


NEW YORK, June 17 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — MTV Tr3s announced today the U.S. television premiere of Isa TKM (Te Quiero Mucho), the #1 hit teen telenovela that has become a phenomenon across Latin America. Now young U.S. Hispanics can embrace the story of Isa and Alex, developed in a setting full of humor, music and romance, when MTV Tr3s begins airing episodes on June 22.

The 105 episode telenovela acquired from Sony Pictures Televison (SPT) centers around a charismatic teenager named Isabella (played by newcomer Maria Gabriela de Faria) who is on the verge of facing her first love, her first kiss and finding out who her real parents are. Isa TKM contains musical elements using lots of color and an irreverent storyline. Viewers are sure to enjoy the adventures, hopes and dreams that these characters will experience.


Isa TKM, which premiered in over 22 countries in Latin America last Fall, became an instant hit with teens in the region, quickly becoming the #1 show among Pay TV viewers 12-17 in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, according to IBOPE Media.(1)

The cast of Isa TKM features new and established Latin American talent making their U.S. debut, including Maria Gabriela de Faria, Reinaldo “Peche” Zavarce, Milena Torres, Willy Martin, Micaela Castelotti, Sabrina Seara, Donny Ochoa, Francis Romero, Dad Dager and Javier Valcarcel, all of whom are extremely excited to share this project with the U.S. Hispanic audience.

Characters include:

— Isa (Maria Gabriela de Faria) – Given up for adoption at birth, Isa, now 14 years old, has grown into a sweet but sometimes mischievous young girl. She is a constant daydreamer, which gets her in trouble as she tends to believe her fantasies to be reality. She loves music, a field in which she hopes to succeed. She competes for the love of Alex, who happens to have a girlfriend, Cristina, her biggest rival.

— Alex (Reinaldo “Peche” Zavarce) – At 15, Alex studies classical music but also likes rock. He is also an only child and, therefore, overprotected by his mother. Alex is handsome and athletic but a bit too serious for his age at times. Isa is secretly in love with him even though he has a girlfriend.

— Linda (Micaela Castelotti) – Linda, Isa’s best friend, is charming, sweet and playful — her only issue is her body image, but she overcomes this by finding beauty in her charm and personality. Together, they get themselves into a series of very funny situations to catch Alex’s attention.

— Cristina (Milena Torres) – A spoiled socialite, Cristina is flirty, capricious, shallow and manipulative… she is also Alex’s girlfriend and Isa’s biggest rival and will do anything to keep them apart.

— Rey (Willy Martin) – Alex’s rival in music, at school and at most everything. He is conceited yet adored by all the girls. His ultimate dream is to become a rock star. Rey stops at nothing to come out on top, even if it means playing dirty, but deep down he’s not a bad guy.

Isa’s Maria Gabriela de Faria commented: “Everyone will be very excited to meet Isa, a young girl with a very big heart, who will try to win over Alex along with the help of her friend Linda. We have worked very hard to bring this story to life in the best possible way.”

All the songs featured on Isa TKM serve as a complement to the lives of each of its characters. The soundtrack, which has already become a huge hit throughout Latin America, will be released digitally by Sony Music Latin on June 23.

Isa TKM and MTV Tr3s are providing a unique initiative in the mobile space in order to engage with Isa TKM’s core audience. All mobile carriers and iPhone applications will allow for access to still photos from the show, exclusive Isa TKM cast interviews, and they will also able to view “Ven a Bailar” and “Vamos a Vivir,” the two music videos incorporated into the show.

Users may visit to discover cast photos, exclusive video footage, wallpaper and cast bios. Also, users may play Isa TKM’s debut music video, “Ven a Bailar,” on demand. For more information, please visit:

About MTV Tr3s

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MTV Tr3s Announces U.S. Premiere of Teen Telenovela Phenomenon Isa TKM (Te Quiero Mucho)