MTV Tr3s Captures the Heart and Soul of Latino Youth in ‘Tu...

MTV Tr3s Captures the Heart and Soul of Latino Youth in ‘Tu Pride’ Image Campaign

Latino Youth keep it real and express their pride in documentary-style TV mini-films


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–April 30, 2007–The newest image campaign from MTV , “Tu Pride,” (Your Pride) features real Latino youth filmed in genuine locations in both emerging and established Latino markets on both coasts. The unscripted 30-60 second mini-documentaries explore forms of cultural expression and passion points that are unique to the lifestyles and experiences of Latino youth such as pride, family and spirituality and are set to a soundtrack of music by emerging Latino artists.

“To embody the MTV Tr3s audience in an authentic manner and to give them a voice, we need to go beyond reflecting their faces,” said Lucia Ballas-Traynor, SVP and general manager of the bilingual network. “We’ve heard them say over and over again that they are tired of simplistic and stereotypic images. We need to involve them in the process of creating content and images that represent them and the wide cross-section of young Latinos. Is it our mission and duty to reflect their optimism, aspirations, dreams and hard-earned attainment. They spoke and we listened.”

“Tu Pride” features the stories of young Latinos such as Talisha Romero from Denver who tells the story of why being part of a Latina sorority has been so important to her; Bobbie Martinez from California who’s the #2 ranked surfer in the world; Michael Rivera from Atlanta who’s proud of the low-rider car club he founded; and Melissa Pabon of New York who expresses pride as a professional salsa/mambo dancer. These and other young Latinos offer an intimate view on aspects of their culture that make them especially proud. As each story ends, a graphic heart superimposes on screen, beats over the storyteller’s chests and evolves into the MTV Tr3s logo.

“Our goal for ‘Tu Pride’ from the onset was to tell real stories, keeping the emotions as raw as possible, so that we could be true to our mission of creating a cultural destination Latino youth are proud to call their own,” added Amy Campbell, VP of On-Air Promos, MTV. “We delved deep into the hearts of Latino youth by allowing them to speak with passion and honesty about the things in their lives that matter the most. We spent time with each of them in their environments and made sure to authentically capture their lives with true emotion and great depth.”

A total of 17 mini-films comprise the “Tu Pride” campaign, which begins airing on MTV Tr3s on May 1, 2007. An online extension at will allow for deeper exploration of the music and stories featured in the spots and will invited viewers to participate in the campaign by commenting on the stories and sharing their own thoughts on pride.

MTV’s Director/Writer, On-Air Promos Evan Silver was the director; David Grad, MTV Producer of On-Air Promos produced the spots. World-renowned cinematographer Jerry Risius, fresh back from filming docs in the Sudan and Lebanon, was hired to capture the richness of Latino culture, diverse areas and communities and the importance of music to all of the story tellers’ lives.

The mini-films were shot in hi-definition in 24p, wide screen and edited over six weeks by Brad Turner and Eben Bull for Post Millennium. Transistor L.A. created the iconic heart graphic seen at the end of each spot; Micah Kirz of Moving Images was the colorist and Paul Goldman of Eargoo was the sound mixer.

MTV Tr3s is the most-widely distributed TV network dedicated to superserving today’s bicultural Latino youth. MTV Tr3s’ programming is rooted in the fusion of American and Latino music, cultures, lifestyles and languages. Music programming is at the core of MTV Tr3s and the channel features hitmakers, emerging artists and new sounds that resonate with young U.S. Latinos. In addition to music programming, MTV Tr3s programming slate also features lifestyle series, news, documentaries and other long-form programs that celebrate US Latino hybrid identity and culture.

MTV Tr3s Captures the Heart and Soul of Latino Youth in ‘Tu Pride’ Image Campaign