mun2 Tackles Taboos of Race and Ethnicity With Provocative “Black and Latino”

mun2 Tackles Taboos of Race and Ethnicity With Provocative “Black and Latino”


LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — mun2, the leading bicultural cable network in the US, explores how Latinos are changing the way America understands race and ethnicity. Drawing from the uniquely American stories of Latino celebrities, musicians and journalists of African heritage including singer/actress Christina Milian (American Pie), actor Laz Alonso (Avatar), actress Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), and MSNBC journalist Soledad O’Brien, the web original explores an important yet often misrepresented segment of the US Latino population. “Black and Latino” debuts today, (January 11th) on

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“As part of our commitment to reflecting the diversity and dynamism of US Latino identity, we are honored to share these provocative and poignant stories of celebrities who live and work at the intersection of so many cultures,” says Jose Marquez, VP Interactive Strategy, Telemundo and mun2.

Other interviews with American tastemakers include “The Voice” season one winner Javier Colon, actresses Gina Torres (The Matrix) and Judy Reyes (Scrubs), pop singer Kat de Luna, magazine editor Mimi Valdes and music video director Jessy Terrero (50 Cent’s The New Breed), who relate their own previously untold experiences of working through the unreasonable constraints of stereotypes in both Hispanic and mainstream culture. The short, made-for-web documentary also features man-on-the-street interviews with Generation Y Latinos who provide a refreshingly nuanced understanding of race and identity in contemporary America.

“Black and Latino” marks the latest original. The award-winning site received an Imagen award in 2011 in the Best Web Series category for an original online program about Mexican American culture titled “Chismex,” and has become the leading platform for young Latinos to define and celebrate their identity.

Quotes from “Black and Latino” special:

Jessy Terrero: I always felt like we were black people who spoke Spanish.

Laz Alonso: It was kind of like a dual existence because outside of my house I would be just an African American guy. But once I got home, I was Cuban again.

Judy Reyes: I would get really positive reactions in auditions for both African American and Latina parts but I didn’t look Latina enough.

Gina Torres: When I became an actress, I quickly realized that the world liked their Latinas to look Italian, not like me and so I wasn’t going up for Latina parts, I was going up for African American parts.

Mimi Valdes: My grandmother would tell me stories about how she was discriminated even among members of her own family…for being a Black Latina.

About mun2:

mun2 (moon-dos) is the lifestyle Hispanic cable network for today’s generation YLA (Young Latino Americans) 18-34. As the leading bicultural network that amplifies the Latino experience, mun2 is culturally relevant and uniquely American. From reality to music, on-air to digital, mun2 creates original content across a multi-screen platform. As the only nationally measured bicultural cable network by Nielsen, mun2 has an increased distribution to over 36 million households, and is a part of Telemundo Media, a division of NBCUniversal.


mun2 Tackles Taboos of Race and Ethnicity With Provocative “Black and Latino”