NAHP Files Official Opposition to Univision/HBC Merger with FCC

NAHP Files Official Opposition to Univision/HBC Merger with FCC


Washington, D.C.– (HISPANIC PR WIRE)–July 17, 2003–Ivonne Cunarro, Executive Director and CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Publications, announced today on behalf of NAHP’s Board of Directors that an official opposition to the proposed merger of television giant Univision and Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation (HBC) was filed yesterday with the Federal Communications Commission. After a lengthy and judicious debate, the publishers that comprise NAHP’s board announced that their formal opposition against the fusing of these media giants into an industry behemoth is the only possible course of action considering that the merger would result in a monopoly of the Hispanic media market.

“The consolidation of the nation’s largest Spanish language Television Company with the country’s largest Spanish-language radio company would cripple the diversity of voices America’s Spanish-language audience will be exposed to,” said NAHP President Hernán Guaracao. “The NAHP Board is acting not only in the best interests of our member publishers, who play a vital role in supplying news to America’s Hispanic communities, but in the interest of protecting the freedom of expression and the diversity of voices that make this nation a bastion of liberty.”

The NAHP, fresh on the heels of their successful 5th Annual Washington Media Summit at the National Press Club, is committed to opposing this merger and the possible consequences it entails for the landscape of news dissemination in this country.

“We are facing the possibility of one company controlling 70 percent of what the Hispanic audience in this nation sees and hears,” said Ivonne Cunarro. “We filed our opposition not only for the protection of freedom of expression, but for the reality that the freedom and diversity that we hold so dear may be irreparably damaged if the FCC allows this merger to go through.”


Founded in 1982, the National Association of Hispanic Publications is the premier organization representing over 200 member publications with a combined circulation of more than 12 million, reaching over 50 percent of Hispanic households in 55 U.S. markets on a weekly basis. The mission of the NAHP is to continually inform and educate the Hispanic community on social issues, educate the readership of its member publications, provide technical assistance and to improve the quality of Hispanic publications nationwide.



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NAHP Files Official Opposition to Univision/HBC Merger with FCC