Natren Healthy Family Brings Good Health and Business Opportunity to Hispanic Community

Natren Healthy Family Brings Good Health and Business Opportunity to Hispanic Community


Westlake Village, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 27, 2004–Natren Healthy Friends introduces a new bilingual program to inform the Hispanic community about the benefits of probiotics supplements and to present a new business opportunity. The pioneer in probiotics, Natasha Trenev, founder of Natren Healthy Friends’ parent company, has dedicated more than twenty years in the investigation of the health benefits of beneficial bacteria, initiating the neutraceutical category known as probiotics.

So, what exactly are probiotics? Think about antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bad bacteria that cause illness and infection in the body. However, they kill bad and good bacteria indiscriminately, reducing the beneficial bacteria that maintain the proper balance of the gastrointestinal system. Probiotics mean “for life”. Natren Healthy Friends products, certified under the strictest quality control program, international drug GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), are created solely from live bacterial cultures of the three most potent strains of beneficial bacteria.

The gastrointestinal system is the critical pathway, beginning in the mouth with the first bite of food and ending with the elimination of all unused materials. This system is the engine that sustains physical well-being, mental alertness and a strong immune system. Reasons that might cause your body to suffer unfavorable changes in the digestive system are: antibiotics, stress, aging, poor diet, drugs or alcohol, caesarean section, radiation, eating disorders, pollution or chemical additives. Some symptoms of poor digestive function are: bloating, gas, upset stomach, difficulty in weight control, Candida and other yeast problems, acidity, lactose intolerance, poor absorption of nutrients, elimination problems and, in infants, growth or weight gain difficulties.

Beneficial bacteria line and protect the walls of the digestive system. When there are insufficient good bacteria, space becomes available for bad bacteria to adhere to the walls and colonize, opening the way for illness and infection. Beneficial bacteria aid absorption of nutrients to be used throughout the body.

Probiotics contain only naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and are specifically formulated for human (infant, youth and adult) and pet supplementation. They have no adverse secondary side effects at any level of use. Prescription medications often treat one problem but cause another in a different part of the digestive tract because of creating an imbalance in the tract as a whole.

Many countries in Europe, Asia and Australia are aware of the benefits of probiotic supplementation. Their government agencies recommend daily use of probiotics to enhance health. The United States and Latin America still do not have sufficient knowledge of these health benefits. The mission of Natren Familia Sana is to increase awareness, promoting better health through daily use of probiotic supplements.

Natren Familia Sana also offers interested individuals the opportunity of establishing their own independent business promoting good health and enjoying an excellent compensation plan. For more information, please call 888-326-4737 or visit

Natren Healthy Friends/Familia Sana specializes only in clinically proven probiotics, 100% guaranteed, natural, safe and effective, under the strictest guidelines for the world — international drug Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). To maintain the highest standards in potency and health-producing benefits for our products, Healthy Friends/Familia Sana tests all its probiotics on site – in a state-of-the-art laboratory – and at nationally renowned, independent laboratories. Natren products are specifically developed for infants, adults, seniors and pets.

The products are composed of live cultures of the three most potent strains of beneficial bacteria, providing an efficient system for returning the entire gastrointestinal system to optimum health and maintaining that state of health. The parent company, Natren, Inc., has been the world leader in the production of probiotics. This new division will open the business to independent distributors whose goal is to support, encourage and educate the public regarding the benefits of probiotics and to create new business opportunities for those who establish their own independent business with Natren Healthy Friends/Familia Sana. For further information call 888-326-4737 or go to http://www.natrenhealthyfriends or

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Natren Healthy Family Brings Good Health and Business Opportunity to Hispanic Community