Nextel Mexico Continues To Keep Its Customers Connected With The U.S. Via...

Nextel Mexico Continues To Keep Its Customers Connected With The U.S. Via Its Push-to-Talk(PTT) Solutions Using Its Next Generation Network

-- Nextel Mexico is not affiliated with Sprint and its services are not affected by Sprint's decision to decommission its U.S. iDEN ® network


MEXICO CITY, July 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Nextel de Mexico customers can continue to call to and from the United States through its next generation network that offers voice, data, Push-to-Talk (PTT) and SMS service. Sprint’s decision to decommission its iDEN network on June 30 in the United States does not affect Nextel Mexico’s services.

Nextel Mexico currently provides mobile communication services through two technologies: its traditional iDEN system and its new Nextel next generation network, Evolution. Customers on Nextel Mexico’s iDEN network can call to and receive calls using Push-to-Talk from people in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina and with Sprint customers in the U.S. that use the Direct Connect service on Sprint’s CDMA network. Nextel Mexico’s customers who want to communicate using Push-to-Talk with people in the U.S. can also do so by using devices on Nextel Mexico’s Evolution network. In addition, people in the U.S. can download the PRIP™ application from the Google play store and continue to use Push-to-Talk with Nextel Mexico customers who use service supported by either the Evolution or iDEN networks.

Nextel Mexico’s Evolution network offers the fastest Internet and voice services in Mexico and provides Radio Evolution, the service name for Push-to-Talk, which allows for radio conferences with up to 25 devices at the same time, and features an extensive portfolio of next generation devices.

“We continue to provide our customers with the best connection options through Evolution, our next generation network, and we are encourage all customers to switch to this new service to experience a fully integrated voice and data communication offering,” said Cristina Ruiz de Velasco, vice president of communications and institutional relations for Nextel Mexico. “Sprint’s decision to decommission its iDEN network in the United States will not affect our customers’ ability to connect with friends, family and business colleagues in Mexico or NII Holdings’ other markets. The combination of our new Evolution network and the PRIP service will provide our customers with new ways to communicate with their contacts in the U.S. as Sprint makes this transition,” said Ruiz.

Nextel Mexico is owned by NII Holdings based in Reston, Virginia.

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* Users can switch from the iDEN to Nextel Evolution network as follows:

1. Go to the following website:

2. Visit Nextel Mexico’ Customer Service Centers

About Nextel Mexico

Nextel de Mexico was officially established in Mexico at the beginning of 1998 with aim to provide companies with integral solutions to meet their demands as regards their mobile work groups. With an investment above $5.000 million dollars, Nextel has been able to extend its digital network to the main cities in Mexico and since June 2004, it offers an International Direct Connection service that allows instant communication to Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, USA and Peru by just pushing a button. Currently, the company’s digital services are used by more than 3,917,600 subscribers (March, 2013) in more than 100 cities in Mexico. Please visit the company’s website at .

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Nextel Mexico Continues To Keep Its Customers Connected With The U.S. Via Its Push-to-Talk(PTT) Solutions Using Its Next Generation Network