Nextel and Motorola Announce the Motorola i275 Camera Phone

Nextel and Motorola Announce the Motorola i275 Camera Phone

Motorola i275 Camera Phone Delivers Unique Options for Communication and Personalization, Including Group Connect Walkie-Talkie Service and Multimedia Messaging


Reston, VA & Plantation, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–May 16, 2005–Nextel Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTL) and Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced the Motorola i275, a camera phone that offers many ways for customers to communicate and express themselves, all in an easy-to-use and compact design.

In addition to Nextel’s Nationwide Direct Connect(R) and International Direct Connect(SM) services that allow instant coast-to-coast and country-to-country communication at the touch of a button, the Motorola i275 also offers other exclusive walkie-talkie options. The new Group Connect(SM) service enables group walkie-talkie conversations with up to 21 participants nationwide, and the groups can be directly set up on the handset within seconds.(1) The Direct Talk(SM) service allows walkie-talkie communications in areas without network coverage within a range of up to six miles, depending on specific conditions such as terrain.(2) Nextel Direct Send(SM) allows users to send contact information to another phone within seconds simply by pushing the walkie-talkie button.

Nextel’s multimedia messaging service(3) allows users to send and receive messages with text, images and audio altogether. Additionally, the phone’s integrated 310K digital camera allows users to set lighting, picture quality and picture size.

“Just because a phone is jam packed with many different functions doesn’t mean that it has to be strictly utilitarian or incredibly expensive,” said Blair Kutrow, Nextel’s vice president of Product Management. “The i275 has a flair for style, with several features that add character to how our customers can communicate, and at a price of $99.99 with a $25 mail-in rebate, it’s not cost prohibitive either.”

“The Motorola i275 combines many advanced features, including a camera, color screen and multiple communication modes, all in one handset, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of users,” said Rey More’, senior vice president and general manager, Motorola’s iDEN(R) Devices.

Additional features of the Motorola i275 handset include:

— Voice recorder. This feature allows the user to capture memos or incoming phone conversations for future playback.

— 600-entry contact manager. Users can store up to eight numbers for a single name.

— Voice-activated dialing. Keeps hands free with speak-to-dial numbers.

— Downloadable applications(3). Pre-loaded with TeleNav 3.0 and 1KTV, and it includes demos of Tetris and JAMDAT Bowling. Users can download more applications at for an additional cost.

— Airplane mode. The network connection can be turned off to use applications, games, voice recorder and date book while in flight (subject to FAA regulations).

— Audio caller ID(3). User-assignable ring tones allow users to instantly identify important calls without having to look at the phone.

The Motorola i275 measures 4.79 x 1.94 x 1.04 inches and weighs 4.64 ounces with the high performance battery. It is available in two different colors, black and white, and can be purchased through all Nextel distribution channels, including retail stores. The price of the Motorola i275 handset is $99.99 with a $25 mail-in rebate, two-year service agreement, new activation and credit approval. Taxes, account setup, early termination fee and other charges apply.

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1. In order to use the Group Connect feature, the user and all call recipients must have a Group Connect-capable SIM card.

2. Direct Talk is an all-digital off-network walkie-talkie service that works between compatible phones in up to a six-mile range under optimal conditions. Terrain, weather, foliage, and usage in or near vehicles and structures (such as buildings), among other things, may decrease performance and result in a significantly shorter range. The communication range quoted is calculated based on an unobstructed line of sight test under optimum conditions. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and conditions, and is often less than the maximum possible. Actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to: terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, and obstructions.

3. Network and subscription dependent feature. Not available in all areas.

Certain mobile phone features may not be available throughout the entire network or their functionality may be limited. All features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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Nextel and Motorola Announce the Motorola i275 Camera Phone