Let’s Talk About Hair

Let’s Talk About Hair

New TOMA LECHE Campaign Educates Latinas about Link Between Nutrition & Great Hair


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., March 22 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The relationship between women and their hair can sometimes be described as a rollercoaster. Ideally, it’s a great love affair. On occasion, it’s a wreck. But no matter how you cut it, every lady, especially Latinas, wants strong, beautiful, shiny hair and will pay top dollar to attain it. Little do most know that the secret to great hair costs a couple of bucks and may already be in their fridge. Starting today, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of GOT MILK? and TOMA LECHE (Drink Milk), is launching a new television commercial informing women that beautiful locks start with proper nutrition. Packed with proteins and nutrients, milk is the food for perfect hair.

“Latinas take a lot of pride in the way we look and how our hair feels,” says Regional Mexican Singer Carmen Jara, who is also the spokesperson for TOMA LECHE’s BEAUTIFUL HAIR STARTS WITH MILK campaign launching today. “Strong hair that makes you feel sexy, attractive and confident comes from the inside out and putting the proper nutrients in your body is key to achieving this goal.”

Research shows that the proteins and lipids in milk work to strengthen hair, while the calcium promotes hair growth and aids in preventing hair loss. Milk also contains other hair-friendly nutrients like Vitamins A, B6, and biotin and potassium, all of which work together to keep hair soft and shiny.(1)

This beauty milk benefit is the subject in the brand new TOMA LECHE TV spot entitled ‘Hair’ (Pelo) where audiences see a beautiful woman with long, healthy hair walking in the forest. With the wind blowing her beautiful, shiny locks in an almost magical way, viewers could believe they’re watching a shampoo commercial. Then, a voice-over announces a product for creating beautiful, healthy hair. Rather than showing a new brand of shampoo, the spot cuts to a shot of a carton of milk. The ad is tagged with a voice over, “The proteins in milk help your hair look healthier and stronger,” and the familiar tag, “TOMA LECHE.”

“I hope the ad will speak to women who have struggled for so long to have the perfect hair,” says Steve James, executive director of the CMPB. “For many women, hair defines beauty and women want to feel beautiful. We would like for this new campaign to inspire Latinas to grab a glass of milk and toast to their beauty and overall health.”

To further bring the message of the commercial home, TOMA LECHE is sponsoring the BEAUTIFUL HAIR STARTS WITH MILK contest where Californians 18 and over will have a chance to spend a spa day with songstress Carmen Jara. Entrants must submit a color photo showing off their lustrous locks to highlight milk’s health benefit of strong, healthy, shiny hair. Contestants must hold a glass of milk on the photo and write a caption in Spanish no more than 25 words describing how BEAUTIFUL HAIR STARTS WITH MILK. The winner will win $500 in cash, a spa day with two friends along with Jara herself!

Entries for the BEAUTIFUL HAIR STARTS WITH MILK Contest can be uploaded by April 30, 2010 on the www.muchomasqueleche.com Web site or mail to:


c/o RL Public Relations

11835 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 1155E

Los Angeles, CA 90064

For complete contest rules and to view the new ‘Hair’ TV spot, please visit www.muchomasqueleche.com

About the Artist

Known as a member of the New Mexican folklore, singer Carmen Jara got involved in show business while singing at small venues in Tijuana. At the age of 16, the young performer moved to Mexico City, getting a scholarship to improve her skills. After her family settled in the U.S., Carmen began taking singing classes. Around the same time, she recorded her debut album, called “Herencia” and soon after signed up to Fonovisa, debuting with La Mujer, El Nuevo Folklore de Mexico and 1994’s Y Tu Te Quedas. The Latin artist consolidated her popularity with the release of “Mujer Enamorada” in 1996 and “Con Sentimiento” in 1997. The success of her album “Amor Ilegal” motivated her to launch a new album this year. She is currently working on a concert tour in top Hispanic markets in USA.

About the CMPB

The California Milk Processor Board was established in 1993 to make milk more competitive and increase milk consumption in California. Awareness of GOT MILK? is over 90% nationally and it is considered one of the most important and successful campaigns in history. GOT MILK? is a federally registered trademark that has been licensed by the national dairy boards since 1995. The CMPB’s Spanish-language campaign began in 1994 using the tagline “Familia, Amor y Leche” (Family, Love and Milk). The TOMA LECHE (Drink Milk) campaign replaced it in 2006, following a growing trend in Hispanic food advertising that uses wit and humor to reach audiences. GOT MILK? gifts and recipes can be viewed at www.gotmilk.com and www.tomaleche.com. The CMPB is funded by all California milk processors and administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

(1) American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 2nd Edition; Krause’s Food, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 11th edition.

SOURCE California Milk Processor Board

Let’s Talk About Hair