New Line of Whitening Flavored Toothpastes Targets Hispanic Taste Buds

New Line of Whitening Flavored Toothpastes Targets Hispanic Taste Buds

Spanish-Language Advertising Campaign Invites Hispanics To Swoon, Shiver And Sizzle With Crest Whitening Expressions


CINCINNATI, OH–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 2, 2003–Procter & Gamble is breaking the “mint mold” and enhancing the brushing experience in Hispanic bathrooms across the country with the introduction of Crest Whitening Expressions. This line of whitening toothpastes and liquid-gels come in bold and refreshing flavors that are so appealing to Latin taste buds they might help turn the everyday brushing experience into something extraordinary.

To introduce Crest Whitening Expressions among Hispanics, Crest is launching a Spanish-language national print and advertising campaign in October. And, for the first time Crest is incorporating scratch-and-sniff technology into their print advertising and packaging to help Hispanic consumers break from the “mint” routine and experience these bold and refreshing new flavors while still in the toothpaste aisle.

“Crest Whitening Expressions was especially created for the Hispanic consumer and we wanted the advertising campaign to reflect that,” says Diane Dietz, North America marketing director. “This campaign focuses on the line’s variety of unusual toothpaste flavors and uses scratch and sniff technology to provide the Hispanic consumer with an idea of how these flavors can provide an experiential brushing routine.”

Crest Whitening Expressions Brings the Joy of Brushing to Hispanics

The Crest Whitening Expressions flavors were selected after conducting extensive research among consumers, particularly Hispanics. Focus groups were conducted in key Hispanic markets to obtain the right citrus, herbal and cinnamon flavors, which are part of the Latin culture. The result? A line of whitening toothpastes and liquid-gels in three unique and exciting flavors:

Cinnamon Rush – A bold blast of cinnamon that keeps the taste buds tingling.

Extreme Herbal Mint – An intense rush of natural mint with herbal extracts for an invigorating brushing experience.

Fresh Citrus Breeze – A light splash of citrus flavor that leaves the mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

According to research conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago, smells and flavors have the power to modify behavior. “Smells and flavors people identify with or that rekindle positive memories affect mood. When incorporated into the brushing routine, they can make the experience more pleasurable,” says Alan Hirsch, MD, Neurologic Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Ltd.

A recent study has shown that people interested in a new flavor or brushing experience beyond ordinary mint toothpaste, brushed significantly longer with Crest Whitening Expressions. Overall, consumers overwhelmingly preferred the flavor of Crest Whitening Expressions versus their current toothpaste.

Advertising Targets Hispanics for the Launch of Crest Whitening Expressions

The CWE advertising campaign is part of Crest’s continuing efforts to win the hearts of the Hispanic consumer by speaking their language—recently Crest even aired a Spanish-language commercial during the Grammys. With the slogan “Porque todos tenemos nuestro propio sabor” (because we all have our own flavor), the advertising campaign emphasizes that no matter which flavor you choose, Crest Whitening Expressions provides you with whiter teeth and an irresistible brushing experience. The print campaign jointly created by Saatchi & Saatchi and Bromley Communications will kick off in October and run through the end of the year. The broadcast advertising campaign, created by Bromley Communications, will also start running in October.

The print campaign includes scratch and sniff scented ads that feature the Crest Whitening Expressions line showing the variety of flavors. The scratch and sniff element allows consumers, especially those who are scent-oriented buyers, to experience and select the flavor that is right for them. This technology has also been incorporated in the product’s packaging to address the Hispanic consumer desire to see/smell and test the product before purchase. The scratch-and-sniff advertising will appear in Glamour en Español and Latina magazine. A non-scented line of ads will also run later this year featuring a personality test that will match consumers with a flavor they might enjoy.

The broadcast advertising campaign centers on the variety of flavors that cater to a person’s individual personality and make any experience more fun. The commercial entitled “Cita” (date) is about young triplets getting ready to meet their dates for a fun activity. The national broadcast Spanish-language campaign will air in Univision and Telemundo.

English Language Advertising Campaign

To kick-off the launch of Crest Whitening Expressions, Crest created a national English-language television campaign featuring Emeril Lagasse, renowned chef, restaurateur and America’s beloved expert on everything flavorful. The campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, focuses on how the different toothpaste flavors “kick-up” the brushing routine with an unexpected experience, just like Emeril does with food. The print advertising campaign will feature scratch-and-sniff technology like the Spanish language ad.

Consumers can log onto for product information and a free mini-tube in the flavor of their choice.

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New Line of Whitening Flavored Toothpastes Targets Hispanic Taste Buds