Redesigned Higher Education website speeds Hispanic Access to College Funding

Redesigned Higher Education website speeds Hispanic Access to College Funding


Washington, DC–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 28, 2006–The NAHP Foundation uploaded a renovated and improved Internet site,, the community-oriented forum that aims to encourage Hispanic-Americans to pursue higher education and financial opportunities. The website posts important scholarship announcements, lists tips for Hispanic students considering post-high school studies and includes a comprehensive Scholarship Directory that is specifically organized according to the academic specialty of the student and the state in which the student resides. Over 1,600 sources to finance a college education are accessible on the site.

“We are proud to make more higher education resources and available to the Hispanic population at large,” said Eddie Escobedo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NAHP (National Association of Hispanic Publication Foundation). “The re-launch of our website will facilitate that endeavor.”

The Scholarship Directory was a project that began as an outreach effort to the Latino community after the NAHP Foundation learned that Latinos were graduating from college at half the rate than other ethnic populations. The Hispanic Higher Education Initiative was first released as a website in 2003 before distributing the information on CD-ROMs in 2004. The website has recently been redesigned in order to reach a wider audience with more efficiency. The seed money for both initiatives was provided by the National Education Association (NEA). Current major sponsors for the Hispanic Higher Education Initiative include the United States Department of Education, Exelon, Lockheed Martin Corp., and the Coors Brewing Company. Now with over 54,000 registered users, the website is one of the largest databases available for Hispanics who seek financial opportunities in higher education.

“Lockheed Martin is proud to support the efforts of the National Association of Hispanic Publications Foundation,” said Maria Ruess, Director, Lockheed Martin Strategic Planning, and Vice Chair of the company’s Hispanic Leadership Forum. “Supporting higher-education initiatives is an important priority for our company and for the future of our country.”

The developers, Web Presence Architects LLC, have designed a site that is now simpler and easier to use. Instead of the former registration process that was broken into three steps, users now only have to enter their information once. Users now only register once before to gain access to the Scholarship Directory. The developers have designed the new site using ASP-based software, which will also facilitate the maintenance and editing of the site by the administrators of the NAHP Foundation.

The NAHP Foundation’s mission is to build communities through excellence in publishing. The NAHP Foundation hopes to enhance the skills and opportunities available to those who aspire to become involved in the publishing industry, including advertising and marketing professionals, graphic designers, photographers, web masters, layout and circulation management and journalists.

About the National Association of Hispanic Publications Foundation

The National Hispanic Press Foundation is the 501-c-3 educational sister organization of NAHP, Inc. and its Hispanic publishers. Its mission is to build communities through excellence in publishing. The Foundation’s programs include an annual publication of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive Hispanic scholarship directory, a national circulation audit campaign to enhance the viability of Hispanic publications, media research, scholarships, voter registration and educational programs, among others. For more information see or call 202-662-7250.

About the National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc

The National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc., (NAHP, Inc) is the largest organization representing Hispanic publications at the national level. NAHP Inc. works with 150 member and affiliated publications that share a combined circulation of more than 10 million. Its member publications and affiliated media associates reach more than 50 percent of Hispanic households in throughout the U.S. every week. NAHP, Inc. provides professional tools to assist Hispanic publications to more effectively reach their readership. NAHP Inc. works hard at keeping the Hispanic community informed and educated about social issues, updating its readers about member publications, providing technical assistance and improving the quality of Hispanic publications at the national level. Please, visit our website for more information: or call 202-662-7250.

Redesigned Higher Education website speeds Hispanic Access to College Funding